Oishi Green Tea now available in Singapore!

OISHI! Have you try out OISHI Green Tea? Some of you may have try them in Bangkok before. 

Yes now they are here in Singapore! F&N Foods just introduced OISHI Green Tea to the Singapore market! There are 2 alluring flavors- OISHI Green Tea Original and OISHI Green Tea with Genmai!Both flavors are authentic and have a fragrant taste! They are not too sweet and that is why I like them too!

Wondering why the OISHI GREEN TEA tasted so special? We found out that It is because only the youngest three leaves at the top of each branch are selected for the brew. Through advanced technology and under the attentive care of experts, these young organic leaves are brewed using a refined manufacturing process to seal in the authentic goodness of Japanese green tea. 
100% organic tea leaves with no added preservatives and artificial colourings. 

They are currently available in 380 ml PET bottle (S$1) and 1.5L PET bottles (S$2.05) at all major supermarkets and hypermarket!



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