Recalling my part time working experience

I guess many of you had been through this stage working part-time while you are still studying or during your weekends or school break. Back then during my teenage days looking for jobs was not easy, I rely a lot on newspaper to look for suitable part-time jobs. 

For me, it was a rememorable experience! I could still recall how excited I was trying to look for my 1st part-time job to earn extra income so that I can buy my favorite stuffs without spending my parent's money.

So I went on a job hunting by flipping through newspapers (Classified section) daily and highlighting all the suitable jobs one by one, emailing the companies one by one, going through the interviews, receiving calls to know that I got selected for the job. 

My 1st job was a Sale Assistant job in Takashimaya Departmental Store and working attire is formal (Long Sleeve Shirt with tie and business pants). 

Getting ready for 1st day was work was not easy for a newbie like me who have no experience in putting on a tie. 

Thankfully I have a good classmate who are working with me and know how to tie. Everyday was a great learning lesson to me. Sale Assistant Job was not an easy job though. 

You have to endure standing long hours and you need to be polite when serving your customers. All these paid off when you receive compliment from your boss or even when customer thank you for your service.

So just to list a few other part-time job experience I had in the past:
- Sale Assistant in NTUC Fairprice Supermarket in Toa Payoh
- Waiter for a Steamboat stall at Ang Mo Kio
- Promoter for Kiehl's Singapore, a New York skincare brand.

Now thinking back, all this jobs did contribute to who I am now.

If you have the time to work while you are study, please go ahead and look for a part time jobs for students. Plan your free time and find a suitable part time jobs in singapore that is not to stressful and does not affect your performance in school.

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