[Movie Review] THE BLACK DEATH

Thai horror cinema has generally favored ghosts most of the time. But in the newly released Thai horror movie, "THE BLACK DEATH" centers on zombies. The quality of Thai horror has slipped pretty dramatically in recent years but this one looks like a solid piece of entertainment.

If you liked “The Walking Dead” Series, this might be the movie you would not want to miss. Some scenes will be gruesome or violent but yet it gives you the kind of thrill that you would always expect to be there in any of the horrific films.

The sound design contributes greatly to the feeling of dread. Love the zombie roars that makes the movie so exciting to watch.

Overall, it’s still a good head start for the Thai movie industry to come out with the first Zombie movie. Catch this movie now and experience the new change of the Thai Horror Movie.

Rating: 7 / 10


Check out the trailer:

Thai horror, "THE BLACK DEATH" (M18) is NOW SHOWING in cinemas! 
Book your tickets to catch the Thai zombie horror! 



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