I've joined the ASH GREY CLUB!!!

I just joined the Ash Grey Hair Club!!!
Sick of the usual brown or blonde hair colour ?
Why not try ASH GREY!!! 
I did my Ash Grey or some people also called it Granny Hair Color 
at my usual hair salon- Black Hair Salon in Singapore.
This is me taken before bleaching my hair...
My previous colour turned a bit too yellow and I decided to try out Ash Grey!!!
My mum said are you CRAZY!!! People are covering their white/grey hair with black hair dye and here I am making it grey! Well... perhaps this is the best way to hide your white hair if you have (Yes... I do have a few white hair) and best of all it is trendy now!!! You can look fashionable with Ash Grey hair too!
I was told by by hair stylist that in order to acheive Ash Grey, it will required bleaching to nearly white. My hair salon is one of the most experienced and caring hair salon! They will not recommend you to do colour your hair if your hair condition is bad. So after checking my hair condition, they said I can proceed to bleach!

This photo above was taken after 3 hours of bleaching.
Because previously I did a lot of different colour and there were  different colour on some part of my hair even after bleaching the whole head.
So from the photo below you can see only some part were applied with the bleaching chemical.

And one more thing I wanna highlight is the hairstylist (Jimmy and Anthony) were very careful when helping me to bleach, they make sure the chemical did not touch my scalp... Thank you!! =)

After about 5-6 hours of bleaching... Finally it is time for the colouring part!!!
You may get hungry in between because of the long hours... My suggestion is have your meal before going to the salon... Alternatively maybe you can buy some easy to bite food and eat when you are hungry... While waiting for the breaching session to complete, you can read some magazine, sip some complimentary hot tea... Else bring your laptop to do your work... My other friend Maybeline used to do that when she know her colouring will take very long time!
My salon isusing Olaplex's product which I find it SUPER GOOD!!!
Comparing with the previous time I bleached and coloured my hair at other salon, I realised my hair is not frizzy or dry even after the 3-4 time bleaching!!!
Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1 is added to lightener or color and finish by applying Bond Perfector No.2 after color is rinsed from the hair to dramatically reduce breakage with every color service.
 Can also be used once a week to strengthen hair further or to use as a pre-treatment to a future chemical service.
I'm glad my hair salon used the best hair products for customers!

Long hours to achieve such hair colours...

Total time spend for achieving this colour about 6 hours!!! Well the duration may vary depending of the thickness and length of your hair...

But all I could say was it was worth the wait!!!
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 And here is a photo taken after my hair colouring that day!!!
With the funny hairstylist, Frankie photobombing!!! =p
 A good hair cut and hair colour can give you extra confidence when you take your selfies!!!

So if you been following me on instagram (http://instagram.com/william82sg), you will see the below photo I took before heading to the F1 Podium Lounge !!!

Make a change in your life... if you are always in brown and blonde hair...
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