New Balance and streetwear boutique Premier join forces for the release of the limited edition Premier x New Balance 'MiUSA' 998 "PRMR"‏

New Balance fans alert!!! 
New Balance has recently collaborated with streetwear boutique Premier to introduce yet another premium limited edition offering with the Premier x New Balance ‘MiUSA’ 998 “PRMR”

Inspired by early twentieth century automobile manufacturing in Michigan and the U.S., the New Balance Made in USA style offers luxury details in a premium silhouette.

The birth of the automobile was an exciting time in Michigan’s history and introduced a new standard of luxury transportation. Like the early automotive line, the Premier x New Balance 998 ‘MiUSA’ “PRMR” features a fine attention to detail. The upper is done in tan and black suede, mimicking a gold grill front panel and black chassis. Other details include a white sole and quilted seat printed insole. 

The finishing touch and tribute to the first luxury automobiles is a hangtag branded key and license plate with the shop abbreviation “PRMR.”
The New Balance Made in USA 998 is one of the most premium New Balance Lifestyle silhouettes. Designed and crafted in New England, the 998 offers refined craftsmanship that New Balance Made in USA styles deliver.

 The Premier x New Balance 998 ‘MiUSA’ “PRMR” will be available from this Saturday, 19 September 2015 at Limited Edt Vault @313 Somerset for a retail price of $329. 




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