Romantic Love Comedy Movie Review: All You Need Is Love (落跑吧爱情)

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi has had a busy career, making almost 80 films in the last 20 years. She is now taking the lead in "All You Need Is Love", a new romantic comedy directed by and co-starring Richie Ren.

Shu plays a woman who goes to Peng Hu, a far-off island of Taiwan, trying to avoid the problems she face at home. There, she meets the owner of a bed-and-breakfast, played by Richie Ren, who is struggling to make ends meet.

Richie, the director as well as the lead actor, came to an opportunity, heard children singing <Grandma's Penghu Bay> this song somewhere at China's Gansu Province. He thought of these children may never have seen the sea in Penghu and this thought gave him the idea of shooting this film. He also want to use this opportunity to promote Penghu, presenting to the audience the most beautiful side of Penghu.
"All You Need Is Love" may looks like an average budget drama, but it’s a heart-warming and humorously romantic film. A great movie with deep connotations compared with many movies that came out in recent years in the Chinese movie industry. Showing-on cinema now!! Don’t miss it!!
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