Park Hotel Group: “A Mooncake Collection For All Generation”

Park Hotel Group celebrates family togetherness with new and innovative family-themed mooncakes. This year, Park Hotel Group is focusing on embodying the festive spirit, capturing the love for the season and bringing families together.

Bask in the warmth of love with the Group’s latest Classical White Lotus Paste with Six Yolks Mooncake that is 16cm and 900grams, designed for generous communal sharing among family members. Choose from 3 delectable flavours – the Classical White Lotus Paste with Six Yolks, Classical Teochew Mung Bean and the Classical Red Bean and Winter Melon.  

                    Golden Yam With Single Yolk              White Lotus Seed Paste With Macadamia Nuts    

White Lotus Seed Paste With Double Egg Yolk         Classical Red-Bean & Winter Melon (New)

Using the finest ingredients to develop the most intense and original Mooncake taste, premium grade fresh lotus paste as well as yolk specially hand-selected from Hong Kong are used in all Park Hotel Group’s Mooncakes so as to guarantee an unforgettable heavenly smooth texture. All-time favourites such as the Baked White Lotus Paste Mooncake with Single and Double Yolk and Golden Yam Paste Mooncake as well as the low in sugar Baked White

   Apple With Cherry Brandy Truffle (New)          Imperial Jade & Coconut Truffle (New)

 Royal Topaz With Nougat With Chocolate Pops       Yuzu Paste With Korean Rice Wine (New)

Adding variety to the collection are the sophisticated tastes of the snowskin Mooncakes which promise a combination of modernity with freshness.  Delicately prepared with a hint of ingenuity, new flavours include Yuzu paste with Korean Rice Wine, Apple with Cherry Brandy Truffle as well as hot favourites Imperial Jade & Coconut Truffle and Royal Topaz with Nougat & Chocolate Pops – appealing to the trendy working professional in the family and the growing kids respectively.

This year, Park Hotel Group’s mooncake box also carries a vibrant, heartfelt family theme as the group fashioned a contemporary design that would be the first in the market and yet stay close to tradition.  The artistic impression of the lotus plant and pond on the Mooncake box symbolizes joy and abundance while at the same time bringing back memories of simpler times where families celebrate the festival by the river over mooncakes and even poetry. 


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