Celebrate CNY with Coca-cola's eight limited edition collectors's cans

Photo Credits: Benjamin Kheng
Coca-Cola Singapore launches Chinese New Year campaign to spread hope and optimism across the nation, fronted by Singapore musician Benjamin Kheng.

As excitement builds in Singapore ahead of Chinese New Year, Coca-Cola recently launched a campaign to inspire families and friend to share their good wishes for the year ahead- whether they are sihes of love, prosperity and wealth or lasting younthfulness.

While we can sometimes get distracted by our everyday troubles, Coca-Cola aims to give people across the nation a reason to be hopeful, and to encourage people to share this optimism with the ones they love.

Benjamin Kheng, Fly Entertainment Artise and lead singer of much-loved pop band The Sam Willow and Coca-Cola's Chinese New Year campaign ambassador, commented:

"Chinese New Year is a heart-warming time of year, ad a rare opportunity in our all-too busy lives to come together with the people we love most- over delicious plates of food and 'ang baos' (Red Packet)! But sometimes all the festivities make us forget one of the best things about Chinese New Year; that it's a time to look forward to all the great things ahead, and to tell out loved ones all the amazing things we wish for them.

That's why I'm so stroked to be part of Coca-Cola's campaign this year, to help Singaporeans get psyched about the year ahead, and to encourage them to share that feeling with those around them."

Coca-Cola Singapore is unveiling a brand new pack of eight limited edition collectors's cans, each one beautifully illustrated with intricate designs that convey an individual Chinese New Year wish:

- For those who wish their loved ones professional success, the can decorated with the double gold fish and water offers prosperity in business, while the can with the sail boat symbolises smooth sailing in one's career.
- The 'ruyi' knot and peach blossoms on the third can is designed to wish family and friends multiple benefactors through out their life.
- A fourth can with brush, ink and paper scroll is perfect for students striving for academic excellence.
- For the more romantic among you, the pair of magpies on the Flourish in Love can represents happiness between two lovebirds
- The traditional Chinese New Year symbols of pineapples, coins and gold ingots will appeal to those wanting to wish their friends and family abundance in wealth.
-But it's not just the young ones; the can decorated with cranes, peaches and plum blossoms are designed to convey wishes of lasting youthfulness.
- Finally, the pair of stone lions looking out from the side of the eighth can are intended to protect peace in family.

Through the sharing of these ornate cans, each with their own personal and deliberate significance, Coca-Cola is helping to facilitate meaningful conversations among families and friends across Singapore, spreading hope, happiness and good wishes for the new year and beyond.

The campaign will culminate in a intimate pop-up gig by Benjamin Kheng, as he treats fans to a performance planned specially for Chinese New Year. For teasers from Benjamin on the time and location of the secret gig, check out his instagram feed- https://www.instagram.com/benjaminkheng/

For more information about Coca-Cola Singapore, visit www.coca-cola.com.sg




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