A Toast to Probably The Best Year 2016!

The Year of the Monkey, just another prosperous year? As a beer brand that strives to deliver the finest in everything it does, Carlsberg plays on the Mandarin pronunciation of the number 16 (yī liú) and the Chinese term 一流 (yī liú) which refers to excellence, top notch or simply the best, to propose a toast to Lunar New Year 2016 being “Probably The Best Year” (20 一流)!

Carlsberg wishes everyone an excellent start to the year blessed with good Fortune, Health, Bonus, Luck, Business and Friendship, the six things that matter the most in life, in the hope that they will take form in the best possible way in 2016.

“Chinese New Year has always been one of the most celebrated occasions at Carlsberg Singapore,” says Jimmy Toh, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore. “We took inspiration from our signature Carlsberg series of marketing campaigns launched in 2015, ‘If Carlsberg did...’, and imagined that if Carlsberg did Chinese New Year it would probably be the best year. By envisioning 2016 as “Probably The Best Year’', we hope that it would be as superior as Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world!”

Bringing to life the CNY campaign tagline – “Probably The Best Year” (20 一流), Carlsberg, rings in the Lunar Year of the Monkey with four limited edition festive can that features a contemporary graphic design infused with traditional festive elements, making it one-of-a-kind. The festive cans are available nationwide at all leading super and hyper markets during this celebratory period. Definitely collectable items! It is also a meaningful way to share a drink that bestows best wishes upon family and friends

Paired with themes such as Friendship (友情 yu qíng), Luck (运气 yùn qì) and Fortune (财运 cái yùn), the term 一流 is used to form traditional Chinese four-character greetings. Along with 20 一流, these designs convey Carlsberg’s well wishes for everyone in the coming year. These limited edition designs are exclusively available in the 24-can cartons (323 millilitres per can), with each carton containing no more than two designs. Every purchase of a 28-can carton (323 millilitres per can) will also come with a free Carlsberg chiller bag.

The special designs and well wishes are also available in seven limited edition quart bottles (644 millilitres each) retailing at participating coffee shops and hawker centres, with the addition of wishes for a Bonus (花红 huā hóng), flourishing Business (生意 shēng yì) and Health (建康 jiàn kāng).

Look under the crown liner of every bottle cap to see if $8, 20 or 一流 are printed on it. An $8 cap is redeemable for cash at all participating outlets, while a combination of a 20 cap and a 一流 cap will win you S$1,688, which may be redeemed exclusively at Carlsberg Singapore Office at 238A Thomson Road, #13-08/10, Novena Square, Tower A. Redemptions can only be made on weekdays between 10am and 5pm (excluding lunch hour and public holidays) by 31 March. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/CarlsbergSingapore. 




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