Chang Beer Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Refreshingly Different Packaging‏

Refreshingly Different!
However You Look At It!  

Happy 20th anniversary to Chang Beer! To commemorate this milestone in its rich history, the iconic Chang Beer has revolutionized its packaging. The cool, modern and stylish newly designed bottle for Chang beer features a longer neck and elegant contours with embossment that befit the brand’s stature. The special emerald green colour of the new bottle is a refreshing change from its current amber colour, making it a significantly more appealing, premium and refreshing drinking experience. The gold used on the cap and labels has been updated to a fresher, more premium champagne gold, which is brought to life by the satin sheen of the labels.

The bottle has been dramatically re-shaped for a more tactile feel in hand. The taller neck and elevated bottle shoulder create stature and a stronger, more masculine look. The bottle waist has been adjusted to offer better grip, and the beautiful embossing down the bottle side adds visual and tactile interest. 

The refreshingly different appeal of the new packaging underscores the drive to position the brand for even greater success and desire to position Chang Beer as the beer of choice in line with Chang Beer’s premium positioning in international markets. Chang’s commitment to quality and its brewing of an international award winning beer continues to be the objective and dedication of its internationally trained master brewers. Only the finest malt and hops from Europe, Australia and USA are used with every brew resulting in an exceptionally smooth, full bodied and well balanced beer with a fruity aroma and crisp finish that is enjoyed by consumers of today.

These changes are reflected across both the 320ml and 620ml bottles. The Chang Beer 330ml and 500ml cans have also been updated with the new emerald green and gold colour scheme. The bottles are first available in Thailand from November 2015, and are being rolled out around the world thereafter.

This is a new era for Chang Beer and its new chapter were revealed in Singapore today.
Chang Beer is available at supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, InterContinental® Singapore, Capri Singapore and some of the coolest outlets including FIV五, Singapore's first Tachinomi Izakaya inspired bar, KPO Cafe Bar and TBB Tiong Bahru Bar.


About Chang Beer

Chang Beer was first introduced in Thailand in 1995, and within three years it had already captured over 50% of the Thai market. 

Chang Beer is a well-balanced and full-bodied lager with a complex aroma and a crisp, smooth and incredibly refreshing taste. 

Chang uses deep-well water to achieve the perfect mineral composition to brew its lager, water so pure it is also bottled and sold in Thailand as mineral water.

Chang is synonymous with the taste of Thailand for many of its international fans, but it is also well known as the long-term sponsor of Everton FC.

Chang Beer has been the shirt and main club sponsor of Everton FC since 2004. This special partnership is the longest-running sponsorship in the Barclays Premier League, and is a friendship based on mutual trust, respect and affection. 

In 2013, Chang supplemented this sponsorship by becoming a regional South-East Asia partner for FC Barcelona, one of the world’s most renowned and supported football clubs. This partnership has already created many memorable moments for fans in the region.



  1. Nice article, thank you for sharing

  2. Horrible. Please bring back the beautiful old bottle. It was beautiful like Thailand. This one looks like Grolsch.

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