Coconut Cold Brew at Montana Cafe

Wondering how Coconut Cold Brew taste like? 

Head down to Montana Cafe (Relocated at #02-25 of @pomosg) because they have recently launched the world's first coconut cold brew menu! I hardly see such kind of brew in Singapore.

We all know that Montana cafe is famous for their savory and dessert waffles! This time round they launched not 1 but 3 new flavours: 

The Assam Crab Waffle (New)- Kedah Assam Laksa inspired and the Bulgogi Beef Waffle.
The Assam Crab Waffles is really unique! I like the sauce!

Something exciting is also brewing in process, there will be interesting wine/coffee concept that's in the works. Simply by asking some questions about your daily food preferences, their friendly staffs will be able to profile each customers into different palate types. 

Based on the different profile types, they would then make recommendations on wine/coffee that would be most suitable to your taste preference.

Lastly, this place is not only for waffles, they also sell several pastas, beers, wine too! If you like handcrafted fresh burgers, you can grab them at their other concept cafe @southbronxburger (Connected and located at level 1 of @pomosg) and if you like Donut, try the interesting Donut with a syringe from their other concept@fabulousdough located inside@montanasingapore too.

It is always good to end your meal with a dessert!
This is my all time favorite- Chocolate Banana Waffle!

.Stay tuned to their FB and IG for more exciting updates!!!