Durians High Tea buffet at Marriott Cafe

Love of Durians High Tea at Marriott Cafe

Great news for all durian lovers, the season for the King of fruits is back and that means that it is now the best time for you to experience gastronomic bliss with these gems! Gear up for a sumptuous treat as the best harvest of durians will be featured in an irresistible durian dessert selection in addition to our popular High Tea buffet. Look forward to Durian Trifles; Fried Durian Balls; Durian Strudel; Mochi Durian; Durian Doughnuts; Durian Caramel Muffins, and more.

Look at how lovely they are!!!

Have to try every single durian desserts. They are all so yummy.

Delicious durian crepe made on the spot by the chef.

Great spread of good food is waiting!!!
Enjoy a galore of fresh Seafood on Ice, Dim Sums, Indian & Western delights, and more. Local crowd pleasers comprise of Signature Singapore Laksa; Char Kway Teow; Oyster Omelette, Nasi Lemak; Chicken Satay; Beef Rendang; Crispy Fried Chicken Wings, and more.

Fresh cold seafood will be also serve in the buffet.

Customize your own salad at the salad bar. Lots of greens to choose from. 

Bread lovers may choose from different variety of bread or pastry. 


Donuts and waffles. How can I resist them?

For people like me that likes hawker delights and local food, Marroitt Cafe Hi Tea is definitely the best choice to gorge oneself. Wide range of Singapore's favourites like the laksa, fried hokkien mee, hainanese chicken rice, nasi lemak and many many more!!

Authentic Singapore Laksa.

Marriott very own Hokkien Mee. Its so tasty!!

Fried Chicken Wings , Otah and Satay.

Hot steamy custard buns.

Fried Carrot Cake. It's a must try if you are there. 
Crispy egg with soft carrot cake.

 Local's All Time Favourite. The Hainanese Chicken Rice.

When you go to a Hi-Tea, definitely the main focus will be the desserts. If you not a fan of the Durian, don't worry, there are a lot more desserts for your sweet tooth. Sweetness overload.

Nonya Kuey desserts.

If the Nonya Kueys is too heavy for your stomach, maybe an Ice Kachang will be a better choice. At least it can beat the heat to cool down the body from the weather.

Western desserts like the bread and butter pudding, sticky pate pudding and battered mochi will be another great choice if you don't really fancy the local desserts.

And yes!!!! This is my favourite part. ICE CREAM!! Assorted premium quality ice cream. Many flavours to choose from. Mango, cookies and cream, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

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Durian High Tea Buffet 
1 June to 31 July 2016 | Marriott Cafe

Monday to Friday / Saturday and Sunday: 
Adult $42++ / $45++ 
Child $25++ / $28++ (Age: 5 to 12 years old)

Make your reservation here.



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