Experience Great Singapore Savour with a brand new all-day dining menu at Street50, Bay Hotel

Perfectly timed with Great Singapore Sale from 3 June 2016, Bay Hotel Singapore’s STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is rolling out Great Singapore Savour where the brand new all-day dining menu is here to impress. Accentuating favourite local street food, with amazing twists and styles, and well-presented in palatable small plates, there is a wallet-friendly, share-worthy selection of about 20 (street-) smart treats priced from $7.90 to $12.90.

Salted Egg Lava Chicken Breast - $9.90
The new Malaysian chef Kelvin’s signature rendition of chicken breast encased with his homemade salted yolk paste instead. It’s a visual treat too when you enjoy the sight of salted egg lava trickling down the tender chicken meat roll.

I thought that the chicken breast meat will be dry and hard but to my surprise, it was not. Meat is just so tender and moist.

Cereal Prawns with Wasabi Dressing - $9.90
Deep-fried crispy prawns spiced with cereal and served with wasabi dip may appear like just another sinful zi char specialty. However, the culinary team is certain that it will be a returning favourite as the prawns are lightly battered with mild sweet and savoury flavours, leaving no greasy aftertaste.

Eat it when it's hot. Love the fragrance of the cereal. It's so appetizing.

X.O. Scallop & Prawns Fried Rice - $9.90
Wok-fried with generous servings of prawns and scallops and masterfully wrapped in thin egg skin. Giving the portion and premium ingredients in this yummilicious fried rice, its certainly a affordable meal for me to have it everyday.

Coffee Wings - $7.90
You may also have tried coffee pork ribs in notable zi char stalls but Coffee Wings ($7.90), deep-fried chicken mid joints with chef’s homemade Hong Kong style coffee jam, is believed to be the first in Singapore and only available at STREET 50. 

Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Dip - $7.90
Deep-fried delight that is just as lip-smackingly great when accompanied with the fragrant, golden-hued salted egg cream. It's one of my favourite in the menu. The soft shell crab is deep fried to crispy perfection. Bite in for that satisfying great flavour thanks to the salted egg dip.

Shrimp and Eggplant Sambal - $8.90
A zi char delight of brinjals with fresh shrimp stir-fried with spicy sambal, are piquant choices that will keep you on an ordering spree for more dishes. 

Claypot Assam Fish Head or Curry Fish Head - $18.90

Definitely a different kind of Assam fish head that you can find outside. Chef uses tomatoes as the base for the sauce. Sourness and spiciness will be lesser than the usual. It has a unique refreshing  taste compared to the normal Assam fish head you find outside.

Fish head curry is a dish in Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine with Indian and Chinese origins. Chef cook it more towards the Chinese style. Less spicy, more like curry chicken's chicken replaced to a fish head. It's definitely worth a try. I like how it taste like.

Oyster Char Kway Teow - $12.90
This is one of my favourite as well. Uses fresh oysters instead of the usual clam which is used commonly in Char Kway Teow. You can opt of your oyster to be cook or just raw when you order this. 

Fresh Coconut Malibu - $8.90
Fresh young coconut fruit with parisienne of mixed fruits, topped with coconut ice cream and served with fresh coconut juice. 


There're amazing prizes to be won from 3 Jun to 14 Aug 2016. 
Simply spend $50 in the restaurant and you may stand a chance in following prizes:

1st Prize: 3D2N stay in the newly opened Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh

2nd Prize: 2D1N stay in Bay Hotel Singapore

3rd Prize: $100 dining voucher from STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar

Last but not least diners can enjoy complimentary Fresh Coconut Malibu with $50 spend!