Lawrence Wong's Dreams & Aspirations

Hi everyone, today with the theme "Dream & Aspiration", I would like to feature the artist, Lawrence Wong (王冠逸).
If you can remember in the Telemovie for Local Channel U The Promise (向日葵的约定), he played as the male lead, Chen Wen Yuan in the show. I personally love the show a lot cause I really love Sunflower and there was one scene they filmed in a sunflower field, it was really beautiful!
And if you talk about hosting experiences, he ever hosted in Japan’s Nippon TV, introducing Singapore to the Japanese audiences and is currently in the midst of filming a brand new travelogue for Channel U whereby he will set off from Singapore and head to Beijing, BY LAND! Yep, no planes...
Lawrence’s young and good looks has also attracted a lot of advertisers. To date, he had over 80 television commercials and print ads under his belt.
With a strong mind to better his performing career, Lawrence underwent singing and dancing lessons too.
Recently he had also collaborated with KDU, a university in Malaysia where he is also the spokesperson for, to launch a pictorial coffee table book named "Taking Flights", that is unique in its genre, emphaising on the literary aspect of text and visuals.
The process has been fruitful. Collectively, both the creative team and Lawrence Wong have created an inspirational work that further enhances Lawrence Wong’s journey in the Malaysian entertainment scene.
Naturally, the book narrates Lawrence Wong’s artistic journey through visuals and text, albeit loosely, for the subtextual elements within the text and visuals also give an additional dimension to his journey working in the entertainment scene, both in Singapore and Malaysia.
Taking Flight is derived from Lawrence Wong’s Chinese name (王冠逸) where words 冠 (Crown) and 逸 (Beginning to Take Flight) are natural opposites. They give an impression that even with talent within a body, there is a need to re-position oneself to take further strides in order to soar to greater height. The book details the spiritual process of an artist taking flight to further his aspirations.
You can purchase the book from all major bookstores in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and later, China. alternatively, you can purchase online at
Lawrence is a cat-lover and he have a cat called Eskybaby. Something interesting to share with you all, Lawrence loves his cat so much that he had a blog for his cat!!!
It's really CUTE right!!! Visit Eskybaby's blog here-

So Lawrence may I ask what have you been busy with lately?

I am in the midst of filming a brand new travelogue for Channel U. It will see me setting off from Singapore and heading towards Beijing, using only land transports and no planes. I will travel and crossing the borders from Singapore to Malaysia to Thailand to Laos to Vietnam and then to China. It's a really tough journey and I hope the audiences will like it. After which, I will start work on a movie.
Is there any person that inspire you?
To be frank, I draw inspirations from many people. I will seek out the good in even the seemingly bad people and be inspired by them. But generally, I am inspired by unconventional but determined-to-succeed kind of people.
How do you keep yourself motivated?
By constantly doing things I love! Also, be with good people who encourage you and guide you. That will keep you motivated.
Is there any upcoming events you want to keep your fans or readers here posted?
haha, watch out for the travelogue on Channel U in August?
Any words for fans in Singapore and readers here?
After Channel U's telemovie "The Promise", I have been working a lot in Malaysia, filming dramas after dramas. And hence, I haven't been spending much time in Singapore. I only managed to squeeze in a drama in between which is Channel U's "Secrets For Sale". So.... don't forget me!