I took over mum's role as a COOK!!!

Hi all,
just to share with you all that my mum recently went for a knee's operation and now she is back home and had some difficulties walking and cooking for the family...

We missed her cooking...
But she will get well soon!!!

Since she need  more rest for recovery, today I took over her role as a COOK and cook for the family!!!

This afternoon lunch, I made this Kway Teow soup for my mum.
It was really easy to cook this simple and nutritious lunch.

Ingredient used for cooking Kway Teow Soup: 
minced meat, fish cake, veggies, sesame oil, soya sauce, and corn flour

Direction for cooking Kway Teow Soup

- boil water in a pot

-  Add in minced meat 
(Before this minced meat must be mixed with soya sauce, sesame oil and corn flour)

- Add in fish cake

- Add in veggies

- Add in Kway Teow

- When it is boiled and Kway Teow is soft, you are ready to eat!!!

Then I cook Fried Rice for my Nephew- Kenneth and myself!!!

Ingredient used for Fried Rice: 
Char Siew, 2 eggs, Chopped Garlic, soya sauce, pepper

Direction for cooking Fried Rice:
- Beat egg in a bowl with soya sauce & pepper
-  Add oil to a pan
- Add garlic
- Pour in the egg and stir fry awhile
- Add in Char Siew
-  Add in the Rice
- Add pepper and soya sauce
- Keep stirring for 5-10 mins
- Delicious fried rice ready!!! 

 Dinner I cooked Fragrant Chicken & Nyonya Vegetable with Glass noodles

Ingredient for Fragrant Chicken:
Sesame oil, oyster sauce, soya sauce, pepper, chicken, potatoes, onion, garlic and corn flour 

Direction for cooking Fragrant Chicken:
-Marinate the Chicken with oyster sauce, sesame oil, pepper, soya sauce, corn flour
- In a pan, heat oil
- pour in garlic and onion
- Stir fry the potatoes till soft and take them out
- Add some oilt the pan again
- Put in the chicken
- Fry till about 3/4 cooked
- pour the cooked potatoes back and stir fry
- Add some water with corn flour
- Add oyster sauce, pepper and sesame oil
- cook till Chicken is cooked
- this dish is READY!!!


Ingredient for  Nyonya Vegetable with Glass noodles:
Beancurd skin, mushroom, cabbage, glass noodles, black fungus, carrot, garlic, pepper, oyster sauce, soya sauce

Direction for  cooking Nyonya Vegetable with Glass noodles:
-Soak glass noodle in water for 5-10 min
- Add oil to pan
- stir fry garlic
- Add in carrot, cabbage, black fungus, mushroom
- add in glass noodle
- add oyster sauce, pepper and soya sauce
- Stir fry till vegetable is soft
- This dish is READY

 Hmm I was quite satisfied with my cooking today!!!
I always love cooking!!!