Universal Studio Experience at the ARMY OPEN HOUSE 2012!!!

Thanks Mindef’s PR team for the invitation to Army Open House 2012 @Our City. 
It was my 1st time attending Army Open House and it really an eye openiong experience for me.
Army Open House is not just for NS guys but it is for everyone including KIDS!!!

This place is like a UNIVERSAL STUDIO with rides that you may not have tried before!!! =)

The layout for AOH@Our City is based on seven distinct zones as shown below.

You may enter our Open House via the Grand Entrance, located on the left of the map. Upon entering, you have the option of visiting the NS45 Showcase, the Army Avenue and the Combat Zone. Subsequently, you may continue to visit other zones based on your interest, such as the Dynamic Show Arena, Battle Rides Zone, Technology & Innovation Zone and Carnival Zone.

Ohh... don't cry....

Dynamic Show Arena

Visit the Dynamic Show Arena and be prepared to have your breath taken away!

That's the Red Lions making their thrilling parachute descent from the sky

You also get to see the Island Defence Task Force tackles tricky situations with their wide array of modern equipment and skilled personnel. AH-64D Apache Assault Helicopters and HIMARS multiple rocket launcher fire up your adrenaline during the show as our trained soldiers manoeuvre decisively with state-of-the-art combat capabilities!

Don't miss out on the fun!Catch the tri-service dynamic performances by the Singapore Armed Forces, including Leopard tanks from the Army, Chinook Helicopters from the Airforce and exhilarating displays from the Navy's fast craft unit!

Take photo with the Army guys! =)

Yes that's Jane & Silver Ang (http://thatsilvergirl.blogspot.com/)!!!
Was quite surprised to see Silver there!!! We had a great time camwhoring!!!

Visit the NS45 Showcase, an interesting NS experience gallery to learn NS history!
This is also to mark 45 years of National Service (NS), based on the theme Celebrating 45 years of National Service: From Fathers to Sons, the showcase featured multimedia displays that bring NS history to life. With Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) volunteers on hand to explain the exhibits, visitors will journey through NS from the passing of the NS Bill to what the SAF is like today.
Visitors will first walk through a time tunnel that parallels the progress of Singapore's transition from 3rd World to 1st with the Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF's) development from the 1st to 3rd Generation force. In the tunnel, visitors can relive significant historical moments of NS, and learn how NS has been vital to Singapore's progress.

From the time tunnel, visitors will move on to an NS Experience gallery, where NS artefacts will be on display.

The NS45 Showcase concludes by recognising the sacrifices and contribution of NSmen. NSmen who have participated in major military operations will talk to visitors about their operational experiences. A multimedia mural presentation will give recognition to NSmen and NS units for their service.
Before leaving the NS45 Showcase, you can also take some time to pen down your thoughts about NS, or even write your well-wishes for national servicemen!

You get to choose your rides at Battle Rides Zone (Thrills On Wheels, Terror On Tracks, Wet & Wild). I feel like as i'm at Universal Studio!!! So fun & exciting!!!

Wondered how troops and equipment are transported across rivers and seas? 
Now you are given a chance to go onboard the Fast Craft Utility to experience it ourself.

Cruise along the Singapore River on the Fast Craft Utility (FCU) and experience riding on this gentle giant!

Spanning 23 metres long and 6 metres wide, the FCU can lift up to 18 tonnes of equipment and personnel, at a speed of up to 20 knots. The FCU is part of the Navy's asset and plays a vital role in land-sea operations.

I just love Silver's dimple smile so much! 

Me & Silver Ang

Here is your chance to travel cross-country and bash through vegetation on wheels. Choose between the All Terrain Track Carrier Bronco or the Light Strike Vehicle.

Me & Silver inside the All Terrain Track Carrier Bronco.

On the 15 tonnes Bronco, you will spend about 8 minutes moving in and out of vegetation. Experience the stability and comfort of the vehicle despite the harsh conditions of the terrain.

Kids can play at KIDZ BOOT CAMP!
They can get a taste of military training with a touch of fun for the young ones! Kids will have the opportunities to dress up as a soldier (in No.1 or No.4 Uniforms) and take part in a series of adventurous and fun-filled activities. These will include a mini obstacle course, rides on mini military platforms and military-style face painting. There will also be free photo shoots for both parents and children to capture memories of their first boot camp.

Visit official AOH 2012 webpage and fanpage for more event highlights !