My Mother's Day Celebration with my SUPERMUM!!!

People said there is nothing greater than a mum's love.

My mum is a SUPERMUM!!!
She woke up early every morning and go for work as a office cleaner.
In the afternoon, she came back home and manage all the housework including cooking meals for the family!

And a lot of my friends and relatives all knows that my mum can cook very well!
I'm really PROUD to have a mum like her!!!

And because tomorrow (13 May 2012) is Mother's day, Me and my siblings decided to have an advance Mother's Day celebration with my mum!!!

So me, my younger bro and younger sister brought our mum to Orchard for a dinner to thank her for raising us up and always taking care of us with tender love!!!

I gave her a box of BRAND'S® Bird's Nest (For her to stay youthful and beautiful always) and a bouquet of  pink carnation flowers which symbolise 'always on my mind'.

We were at 313 Somerset and I showed her a photo which I submitted for the Mother Day Photo Contest.
See the one in yellow circle!!!

Below is the photo flashed on the screen:

That my 2 naughty nephew... Jacob (Top) and Kenneth (Bottom)

That's my sister, Jenny.

My mum with my younger bro, Kevin.

So CUTE!!!

My mum with the bouquet!

We were  walking around finding places to eat...
And we ended up at Orchard Centrepoint!

My mum loves Japanese food and we ended up coming to ichiban boshi for our dinner!

My nephew was too hungry and we quickly grab a few plates of  Sushi from the conveyor belt for him.
In fact he is ALWAYS HUNGRY la... My mum said he actually don't know when is FULL...

My other nephew enjoying his SUSHI!!!

"HEY why you keep snapping me?"

Soup in a teapot!!!

Got prawn, mushroom inside!!! YUMMY!!!

Well that were all the food we ate!!!
SUPER FULL after that!!!

This was what I got my mum for Mother's Day beside treating her to the dinner with my siblings.

The box consist of 8 bottles of BRAND'S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar.

As you all know for centuries, the Chinese believed that drinking Bird's Nest is effective in cleansing the lungs and helping to act against coughs, colds and influenza; it also aids in cleansing the blood, giving it a better clear complexion and strengthening the body's immune system. So buying this for my mum is the best choice of gift, so she can stay young and beautiful always!!!

I still remember last time when I was young, my mum would boil Bird's Nest for us to drink. Back then I do not know the goodness of it and my mum said I poured them away and got scolding which I don't quite remember... Till date, my mum will still remind me of what I did when I was young.... Hahaha....

But really happy that BRAND’S® had bring us this natural goodness in an easy and convenient form that is catered to our busy modern lives. We can enjoy this highly regarded goodness in a bottle of BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar now!!!

Just like what you used to get in the old days, it consists of 100% genuine, premium quality bird's nest. And of course, it’s all natural, with no preservatives or artificial flavouring. But unlike the traditional version, you can drink it straight from the bottle, any time. 

I love it when it is CHILLED!!! 
Try drinking it when it is CHILLED!!!
Super nice!!!

this Mother's day too!!