George Young at Kiehl's "Children Of Our Rare Earth" Charity Event

Hey guys!!! I had a fun day working at 
Kiehl's "Children Of Our Rare Earth" Charity Event @ ION Sky!

This charity event is in collaboration with George Young, FLY entertainment artiste, to raise awareness for the children from The Autism Association (Singapore). As part of our charity cause, Kiehl's will be having a limited edition Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque this May to raise funds for the renovation of the two autism centres. 
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(Photo taken using CASIO Exilim ZR20, HDR Mode)

Look at the view!!!! 
Damn fascinating right??!?!
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Another FUN SHOT with my new camera!!!
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Nice balloon decorations. 

The Kiehl's boys and Jasmine packing the door gift & goodie bags for the invited guests.

 100% of the nett proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque 142g, featuring the works of  Ketna Patel, Asia Pop Art Artist, will be donated to Autism Association (Singapore) for renovation work in Eden Children’s Centre (Clementi and Simei).

Flowers from FLY Entertainment! NICE!!!

Jigsaw for guests to write their wishes!!!

(Photo taken using CASIO Exilim ZR20, HDR Mode)

Jeremy, Martin, Guess and Adriel
Me with Jeremy, Adriel and Guess!

(Photo taken using CASIO Exilim ZR20, HDR Mode)

(Photo taken using CASIO Exilim ZR20, HDR Mode)

This is GUESS's pose!
(Photo taken using CASIO Exilim ZR20, HDR Mode)

Group photo with the Kiehl's boys!
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What's up with Martin's face?!? Cramp? Hahahaha!
(Photo taken using CASIO Exilim ZR20, HDR Mode)

Kiehl's Boys with Jasmine!!!!
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Kiehl;s Boys with Zling & Tracey
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(Photo taken using CASIO Exilim ZR20, HDR Mode)

Don't push me!!!!! I p[ay you the $$$ today! :(
(Photo taken using CASIO Exilim ZR20, HDR Mode)

Hemm Guess & Glenn, that is a bit too GAY... Haha...
But it was CUTE la...

Jasmine brought 2 Kiehl's Boy (Gary & Glenn) to  buy drinks and food for us!
So sweet!

Glenn posing...

Gary & Glenn!

Front left to right: Darryl, Adriel, Jeremy & Jonathan.

Martin with his MAGIC hand!!! 
He is such a TALENT!

He can draw.... << SO FREAKING WELL>> 

Jasmine and her ice cream......  Drawn by Martin too!

Guess who's that????!!!

Yesssss! GEORGE YOUNG. Man he is so CHARMING right!!!

Martin & myself at the PUZZLE WALL station!

I'm cool! =)

Hhahahaha. That's Glenn and Gary being sabotaged to play a game hosted for the guests.
The host is no other than Adrian Pang, artiste from Fly Entertainment.

Adrian Pang was the HOST that day! He sure did entertained everyone with laughter!

Basically the game is for the guests, separated into two teams. Glenn's team and Gary's. For every question asked, whoever's team gets it right... The guys backstage will pump 5 second of helium gas into our balloon at our bag. 

It's pretty exciting && fun. 
But TRUST ME you wouldn't want to be the one carrying the bag pack!  Hhahahah!


“Growing up with two autistic brothers, I'm acutely aware how autism affects the lives of both the people with the condition, and those that love and care for them. It's a condition that deserves more awareness, understanding and research into treatment and therapy, and I'm therefore proud to partner with Kiehl's in a project that helps to do just that.”
-George Young, FLY Entertainment Artiste

Kiehl’s is honored to collaborate with Ketna Patel, talented and renowned British-Indian Pop-Artist based in Singapore, for a good cause. Kiehl’s has invited Ketna to design and hand-painted a Limited Edition one piece only Mr. Bones (as seen above) to coincide with the launch of Kiehl’s charity campaign “Children of Our Rare Earth”. 100% of the winning bid will be donated to The Autism Association (Singapore), for the renovation of the 2 children centers. 

Ketna Patel is the creative mind behind ‘ASIA POP!’, the Contemporary Pop Art studio which is about all things Asian- a collage of visual stories inspired by the plural narratives embedded in Asian street culture. Ketna’s works have been prominently featured The Straits Times, The Business Times and other national newspapers and magazines. Her works are also under special commission by the National Museum, Singapore to accompany the ‘Verner Pantone’ exhibition in 2009. In a collaboration with ‘alldressedup’ spring/summer collection 2010, her collection was translated into wearable and collectible art.

The “Children of our Rare Earth” design draws its inspirations from the the cultural and geographical melting pot that Singapore is. This vibrant island has always been an important ‘crossroads’ where people, history and information meet, overlap and reconfigure themselves in various manifestations. Highlighting the beauty and fragility of this Life energy,

Ketna has used the symbolism of youth and the beauty of nature to endorse the message that our children and habitat are fragile and complex, and need to be continually cherished, respected and protected....

- Ketna Patel, British Indian Pop- Artist based in Singapore

Everyone say 'cheese'! Kiehl's is pleased to donate S$15,000 of net proceeds from the sales of Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque to Autism Association (Singapore)!

That's our skeleton, the renowned Mr bones. 
Simply send in your name, contact number, company name (if applicable), email address and bid* in SGD to Chan Syek Yi at by 31st May 2012 11.59pm.

Updates on the bids will be posted on ‘KiehlsSG’ Facebook Fan page.

*minimum going bid is SGD5,000

Adrian Pang & Glenn. ;D

I didn't get to watch the movie ''881'' but i she was one of the actress in the movie, Mindee Ong.

Glenn with our co-host for 987's Rude Awakening DJ, Bobby Tonelli !

George Young & Bobby Tonelli

I bet all of you guys should know him. He's Soo Kui Jien, renowned host for ESPN Star sports, weekly men's magazine show For Men Only, Singapore F1 Grand prix & definitely too many to  be named. 

That's his kid. Pretty reluctant to take a photo hahahaha.

Glenn & the handsome looking Geroge Young......

Adrian Pang & George Young.

Lastly a group photo with the Kiehl's Staffs, Kiehl's Boys, Adrian Pang & Geroge Young!!!

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Look at this 2 guys! 
They look so loving right! 
Haha!!! =D