What goes behind the scene of the 9000 man strong Integrated Resort- Marina Bay Sands

Have you ever wonder what goes behind the scenes to run Marina Bay Sands, this 9000 man strong Integrated Resort?

  Chef Christie & Executive Producer Chris Humphrey at the media event

Bio. Channel has produced a reality series taking you behind the scenes of Asia’s most popular integrated resort. Marina Bay Sands 24/7, an original production by AETN All Asia Networks for Bio channel in Asia, gains access to the people, the preparations, and the perfection that goes into running this extraordinary property - an icon of Singapore’s skyline.

You are warmly invited to discover this glamorous integrated resort with 5-star facilities and a bustling city of its own with an exclusive “Heart of House” tour as Bio, in partnership with MBS, presents the first of its kind series on one of our island’s most iconic landmark. Lunch will be served to all invited guests as well.

Producer Chris Humphrey sharing with us his experience

The guests were invited to watch a video on Marina Bay Sand 24/7.

Every gathered to start the tour to what see goes behind the scenes to run Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands's employee retrieving her washed uniform.

The wardrobe department with a hi-tech closet that sorts 9000 uniforms per day.
Wow this is certainly impressive right!!! This is actually what happening inside!!!

Each piece of clothes are tag with a RFID code. 
So when the staffs scanned their card, the system will search for the clothes.

Chef Christie inspecting on the food.

Just for your info, Chef Christie had ever juggled 2 tons of ingredients for the biggest sit-down dinner held on the property.

Each guest that day at the media event was given a goodies bag.

Goodie bag contained some notebook, pouch and a laptop casing.

A photo with Chef Christie & Executive Producer Chris Humphrey.

Thanks SPRG & Marina Bay Sands for inviting!
It was certainly an eye-opening experience for me!!!
(All photogragh used: Credit to The Biography Channel & Marina Bay Sands)

Do check out the 8 episode series, premi√®ring on Bio (Starhub TV Ch 404) May 31st, 
every Thursday at 9.30pm.

It will give you an unprecedented and exclusive look into the "Heart of House"- including the underground labyrinth where the 9000 staffs move unnoticed to guest and the wardrobe department with a hi-tech closet that sorts 9000 uniforms per day! 

Plus you will also get to see the inner workings of this iconic resort through some of the key characters whose job is to strive for perfection on a daily basis. From pulling gala events to accommodating celebrity guest like Kobe Bryant and Elton John, Marina Bay Sands integrated resort runs like a city within this city.

Marina Bay Sand 24/7 Regional Contest
In conjunction with the premiere, AETN All Asia Networks will roll out a regional contest giving viewers a chance to win a 2-night stay at Marina Bay Sands, including their very own behind the scenes tour. They just need to visit www.biochannelasia.com and tell them why they deserve the prize. The most creative entry wins!!!

The contest runs from 28 MAy to 30 June and more information can be found on biochannelasia.com/mbs247

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