What a great evening with Jasmine at Serangoon Garden...

That evening, Jasmine was having some studies work at her classmate house near to Serangoon Garden. So decided to bring her to eat at Serangoon Garden popular eating hawker centre, Chomp Chomp.

When we arrived, Jasmine was amazed by the variety of food selling there. So I told her that we could ordered a few different food and share.

So she being the 1st time there, I asked her to sit dow while I go and order the food. I ordered the popular Hokkien Mee, Fried Oyster egg, chicken wings and a giant sized Sugarcane drink to share with her.

When the food are here, we decided to take some picture to remember this moment we shared together. Hemm haven said that the photo taking was not easy, everyone seem to be busy either queuing for food or eating the food.

At last we got an uncle who appeared kind. So I stepped forward and asked the uncle. He agreed to help us with the photo, but later asked her daughter to take for us. Such a nice family...

After the photo, we were so excited to try all the food on the table. The food still taste as good as before even though I had not been there for so quite some time.

And soon we finished our dinner. I told Jasmine that I decided to bring her to a dessert cafe nearby and asked her if she ok to eat somemore. She was quite excited when I said and agreed to go.

This cafe was recommended by my friend long time ago and I did not really have the chance to go there. Finally that night got the chance to go there.

The cafe is called Ice 3 (Ice cube). When we enter, there were candle on every table and the lighting was just right! Very smoothing and nice atmosphere

We settle down at one corner and started to look through the menu. There were so many choices to choose and we did spend sometime choosing one to share. Finally we decided to go for their "Cookie Monster" on their menu.

A few minute later, the dessert came and it looked really appealing! We took some photo and started to eat it.

It was sure a good choice to choose this! Yummy! Hmmm... I like it... So do Jasmine...

I even thought of asking Kiehl's Boys to come here one day and we could all enjoy something cold and chill there together!