Shopping + Bowling + KTV

Saturday was a fruitful day!

I went to Aljunied, FBT warehouse with Tommy and we bought quite a few singlets there. Some at $10 and some at $12. Very Cheap!

Those who is interested in buying FBT singlet can contact me or Tommy for the address. Actually not very easy to find the place for 1st timer.

After buying went for lunch with Tommy. While we are at Suntec for lunch, we walked passed Giodano and saw a checked shirt which was selling at $19. I gave it a try and like it a lot and bought it.

After lunch with Tommy, went to meet my brother, winnie and Jasmine at Tangs. Accompanied my brother to Far East to eat and after eating he went back to work where the rest of us continued out shopping.

Wanted to buy a bag however never see any of my like. Went to a men clothes shop where James alway buy from and saw a few white shirts which me, Jasmine and Winnie think is nice.

So I asked or my sizes and went to the fitting room to try it on. Hmm.. After some trying, finally chose one which Jasmine and Winnie commented it was nice and I bought it. It was supposed to be $49.90 however later I asked if can get discount as James always came here and he recomended me to come here to buy. The lady agreed to give me a discount a discount and sold me at $45. Haha! Should thanks James! Haha!

After getting my shirt, we continued to walk around Far East. Around 5.30pm, we left Far East, Winnie left us to meet Gary at his house to get something. Me and Jasmine went to Bugis to look for my bag.

We reached there and after shopping awhile at the Bugis Street Market and managed to get this black bag which Jasmine recommended. The bag was supposed to be $49.90 and we managed to buy at $42! Great Bargain! Thanks to Jasmine in helping to bargain!

At last I managed to get a bag which I think was nice too! Jasmine thanks for your great taste!

I brought Jasmine to my friend stall and she bought quite a few clothes and earrings from there!
My friend's mum was nice. She gave her discount a lot. Good deal again! what a day of great shopping! So happy today!

Later after the shopping at Bugis Street, Tommy came and joined us. We went to Bugis Junction and shopped awhile before going up to the top floor to cam whore!

See the fun we had below:

Ok we was there around 20 minutes. So fun! Neverknew taking photo can be so fun too! Haha!

Afterwhich me and Tommy went to Marina Square to meet the rest, Sarah, Kevin, Gary, Winnie, Samuel, Edwin, James, Alvin and Guocai to play bowling!

After our bowling, we contined our next activity at Topone KTV (Bugis). Thanks to Sarah who had booked a big room for us at 11pm!

We played bowling till quite late and wasn't able to reach the KTV on time. Thus Sarah called Topone to inform about our lateness and the staff acknowledged.

We rushed down by bus and when we reach at the counter located at level one, there was a heated incident.

Pls read below for the conversation we had with the Topone Staffs.

Heated Incident 1

Sarah: Hello, we reserved a big room.

Female Staff: Ok, pls hold on a minute. Let me check...

(After 10 minute)

Female Staff: "I'm sorry, there's isn't any big room at the moment. Can we give you all 2 small rooms 1st?"

William: "What? You mean I reserved and you gave away our room without informing us and beside we had earlier called and informed we are late. And your staff who answered the call said it's okay. "

Female Staff: " I'm sorry sir. We made a check and found that the contact number which was wrote under your friend, Sarah's name was wrong."

William: "Your staff wrote wrongly? ( In my heart, I was thinking? Sarah is a member there and they should have record of her contact number lor)."

Female Staff: "I'm sorry, It's hot outside here. Why don't you all go up 1st to the 2 small room and we give you 2 plate of fruit free..."

William: "2 plate of fruit? Who want the 2 plate of fruit for? We just eaten and very full."

Female Staff: "I will make sure you get to transfer to the big room once there is vancany."

William: "Ok we go up 1st then."

Heated Incident 2

(So we actually went up with one of the staff leading the way.

When we reach the 6th floor, we are supposed to get room 611 and 613 as said by her, however when we reached the 611 and found that the room was too small to accomodate 11 of us and we need to use 613 too. The best thing is the room 613 she wanted to give us too was apparently still occupied with people.)

William: "I thought you said you are giving us 2 rooms and as you can see we can't squeezed in this small room (611)."

Female Staff: "I'm sorry we will chased the customer at Room 613 away soon. "

Heated Incident 3

When we are in Room 613, one of the male staff came in and wanted to clear the left over glasses by the previous customers. He was using one hand to clear the glasses and he accidentally dropped one glass and the water spilled to Gary's leg. What happened was, the guy picked up the glass and just left the room without even apologizing to Gary.

William: "Hello, is this how you treat us? We already accomodate you all in squeezing in this small room andyour staff spilled the drink onto my friend's leg and simply left the room without a word "Sorry"? "

Female Staff: "I'm really sorry for that and I will get the staff to come in and apologize to him."

Male staff: "I'm sorry and is there anything else you want to say? Pls say to me now?"

Gary: "Next time can you hold with 2 hands?"

That guy obviously don't get what gary mean and still stood there at the doorstep and stare at us like as if we wronged him

The female staff later came in and tried to act like so kelian...

I didn't want to get so heated up too but their service was really bad. That female staff promised to change us to a big room after 1 hour. We waited after around 4 hours of singing then she came in the room and said we can change our room to a bigger room. By then some already wanted to leave already and so we did not want to change the room.

She had made an empty promise! What an unhappy encounter with Topone staffs!

Dispite the unhappiness, we still managed to stay stay happy singing together! Half of the group left around 3 plus while the rest like Edwin, Sarah, Samuel, Gary and Winnie stayed to sing.

Looking forward to sing with you guys again. Maybe the next time we can go Chinatown to sing if we booked earlier. It's cheaper and better service there! Haha!