Kiehl's Beach Boys@ Siloso Beach- June 2008

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Hi all,

Last Saturday (28/06/2008), Kiehl's Boy had an outing to the Siloso Beach at Sentosa. A few of us (William, Kevin, Gary, Winnie, Edwin and Samuel) met up at Vivo before getting in Sentosa together. While the rest (James, Karen, Weiquan, Weiqi, Terence) joined us later inside Sentosa.

It was a sunny day that day and everyone was getting excited to get to the beach, the water and cam whore there. However when we reached the Siloso Beach, all the volleyball court were all fully occupied. But that didn't really affected our mood as the company of friend being together is more than what we wanted.

We walked our way down toward Rasa Sentosa Resort looking out for space to settle down and finally settled down at a sheltered hut in front of Ben & Jerry's.

After putting down our bag and changing, we decided to play some ball passing among ourselves 1st at the opened area in front the hut.

While we are playing, more Kiehl's boys and friends (James, Karen, Terence, Weiquan and Weiqi) joined us to play. The spirit was getting higher and higher.

After playing for awhile together, everyone was getting a bit hungry and decided to take a break and have our eating under the hut. William and Kevin had early prepared hotdogs, hashbrown, fried eggs and breads for everyone.

Later after eating, we got down to the water and cooled our body in the cold seawater. The water was not as fantastic as compared to some other beach like Tioman or Redang. A few of us still looking forward for our next trip to Redang where the seawater there are more blue and clearer.

But we still very much enjoyed ourselves while we are there. We took lots of photo by the sea.
This is where you see another sunshine and sporting side of Kiehl's Boys- Kiehl's Beach Boys.

After playing in the water and enough of the cam whoring. We decided to have friendly match with the people who are at the court. We had a few rounds with the people there and our group played pretty well in some rounds.

When we were playing halfway, the sky started to turn dark and soon it started to rain. Everyone started to run up the beach as if Tsunami was coming (Just kidding)...

Thanks god that we have the shelterd hut and we don't have to run for a sheltered place. So we stayed in the sheltered hut and plan on our next activity. Everyone was quite tired at that time too and wanted to leave the place. Some of them suggested movie, however the movie tickets were all sold out.

Later we decided to leave the place and go for our dinner and shopping 1st. So we everyone went for a bath before leaving Sentosa. The toilet was so packed and we have to queue for our turn to bath. Not so much of a trouble for guys. The ladies have a hard time queuing bathing. The queue seem to moved very slow... Now everyone know who ladies bathed the longest was true.

A few of the guys suggested that the ladies should try to sneak into Coasta Sand Resort to bath, which they did later and was faster than waiting at the initial toilet.

After the ladies bathed, we went to take the train back to Vivo for Dinner. Jasmine came down to Vivo and joined us for dinner at Burger King.

When we finished our dinner there, we moved on for shopping and met Yaohui at AX. We spend sometime at his shop trying out the clothes and belts. None of us bought anything in the end. We later proceeded to Gloria Jeans and had 1 for 1 drinks with the coupon given by Karen. It was a great deal!

Lucky when we were there, there were tables for 9 of us. We settled down and ordered our drinks. Soon everyone got their drinks and we started our "7 level Pig" game. Lot of laughter during the game and we really enjoyed playing it together!

The time passed very fast and soon we have to leave the place to catch the last train/bus. So everyone left Vivo back home.

It was a fruitful Saturday! Looking forward for our next gathering session!

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