Yaohui's 21st Birthday

Hi Yaohui aka Kiehl's Boy,

Happy 21st Birthday to you! (24th July 2008) That night must be a real good surprise and shock for you right as we can see from your face expression! Haha... Thanks everyone for being a good actor in making this surprise a success!

Special thanks to Jasmine too for making the effort to source for your present the other day at Esprit and Tangs and also helping in collecting the yummy chocolate cake which I ordered at Rive (Ngee Ann).

Hope you like the little present from the 11 of us (myself, Jasmine, Terence, Sarah, Gary, Kevin, Weicai, Tommy, Samuel, James and Kobe).

And not fogetting the birthday card with all our wishes in it! It's laminated for your keeping.

Ya this watch not easy to find too, me and Terence went to shop for 1hrs plus and finally saw this new arrival watch from Fossil.

Both of us find the watch's design and colour very nice and suit you very well. We want the best for you too! Thus bought this for your present.

Hope you really like it!

Looking forward for more outing and fun with you and the rest.

More pictures can be found here- http://s234.photobucket.com/albums/ee17/welovekiehls/Yaohui%20BirthdaY%202008/