Kiehl's Event 18th-20th July 2008

Everyone gathering at Ngee Ann City on the 1st day to start our 1st day work...
"Come everyone, what is your name? " (Taking attendance)
After some brief intro by William, Zling took over
and brief them on the event that is going to happen that day.
After briefing and puting of bags,
everyone was all ready to start work

Yixiang and Jeremy

Eugene giving out flyer ...

Private Event outside our Ngee Ann City outlet! Spot the celebrities!

She is gorgerous in person!

Michelle giving a speech.

Mindee Ong promnoting her designed bag!
Wah... Can you recognise them?

40 Kiehls boys group photo with Michelle- 1st day

40 Kiehls boys group photo with Zling and Eliz- 1st day

Paul, Garrick, Ron and Juztin

at Heeren outlet on the 2nd day

Pumping Balloon Gang!

Samuel trying his best to give flyer to the passerby!

Xavier, Tommy and Jaryl

Xavier, Tommy and William

Eugene and Yaohui

Weicai and our customer's kid...

Edison and James

Edison, James and Weicai

Terence, KC, Ho Pan and Wess

Look at Weicai so happy giving out candy floss!

That is what I call the right attitude!

Yaohui- Candy Floss Man

Kiehl's Boys with Eunice Olsen when she came for shopping...

Kiehl's Boys with Eunice Olsen

Kiehl's Boys group photo

Kiehl's Boys welcome everyone to the newly opened outlet!

Sarah and Terence

William and Jasmine

Sarah and Alvin

Kiehl's Boys with Eunice Olsen

From left: En Shao, Eunice Olsen, Jonathan and Shen Yang

After work trying out the Kiehl's Products...

Paul, Emerson, Ron and Juztin on the 3rd day at Heeren

Kiehl's Boys at Tangs

Complimentary Candy Floss for you all!!!

Issac, Zhenhui, Yixiang and Jeremy

Forever brothers- Terence, William and James

Jasmine visiting us on the 3rd day

More group photo for 3rd day (Last day of work)

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