Chopard Event- 23rd July 2008

It was a fun working experience with Kiehl’s Boys once again. This time Kiehl’s Boys turned Kiehl’s Men in Black.

It was quite an eye opener to be able to work for this Chopard event. We are working as an usherer at the event. They invited around 200 guest for this event. The guests were all seated with foods served to their table at the event hall. The atmosphere was great. Yaohui and I feel like sleeping while waiting for the fire dance to start. As we are told to standby to use the fire extinguisher for emergency purpose during the fire dance.

During the dinner, there are stage performance- models catwalk showcasing the jewelry, dancing (Must be one of Terence favourite part of the event) and fire dancing. It was a spectacular performance.

During our break, managed to have some champagne at the bar corner with James, Yaohui and Samuel. The champagne was nice…. Suddenly remind me of JJ Lin Event at dragonfly with Kiehl’s Boys, Gary and Terence and the rest.

The event ended around 1130pm and we are so hungry. Jasmine told us to go to the kitchen to find our own food there. We went there and was told that the food was all finished.

Then one kind auntie told us that the model had left their dinner here and we can have them if we want. Too hungry to even consider, we just grab them and eat. It was chicken rice and it taste not bad. Maybe partly because we had not have our dinner… Some of them ate 2 packets while some just ate the meat.

The event organizer, Jasmine was very nice to us.. Initially she said only $40 will be given to us to buy our working shirt. But we bought a $59 shirt from G2000 and she said she will pay for the full price of the shirt we bought. We were so happy! Free shirt! Terence we can wear while we go to our daily work right… Haha…

Thanks James for helping to buy the shirt for everyone.

Oh ya Jasmine also gave us the red skinny tie which we are told to wear during our work.
The tie Jasmine claimed to be 100% slik was lately discovered as 100% polyster. We teased Jasmine back she cheated us. Haha… She then countered back saying the uncle cheat her. Lol.

Jasmine then told us we will get our pay including $10 (Cab fare to go home) next Monday.

Reached home around 1am. Quickly had my bath and jump into my bed and rest as much as I can for tomorrow work again… What a day….zzZZZZZ