Kiehls Event- 25th July (1st Day)

The 6 Kiehl's Boys at Ngee Ann City- 1st day

Kiehl's Boys with Jasmine

Kiehl's Boys with William

William and Jasmine

Gary, Kevin and Samuel

How is Samuel's hairstyle now after using Kiehl's wax?

William, Sarah, Jasmine and Tommy
came down that day to join Kiehl's boys for dinner

Alvin and Paul came back from Tangs after 8pm

Before going off, try some Kiehl's product...

After dinner at Food Republic as usual activity after work.... We went to Marina and wanted to play bowling but the queue was too long and we played pool and watch Dark Knight instead. Zling also joined us for pool and movie! So nice of her to treat us popcorn and drinks. Thanks again!