Dinner at Chomp Chomp with Jas

Last Wed, met Jas for dinner at Chomp Chomp again. I was late that day due to last minute work and instruction by my boss. I met her at the usual round about bus stop. When we met, we started to walk around the area and look for place to settle out dinner. We saw Thai Express, Chicken Rice resturant, Cafe Cartel and a few other restuarant.

In the end we decided to enter the Cafe Cartel there and she had some stewed chicken with rice and I had my cripsy pork chop with spagetti. That day the aircon was a bit warm and being a bit fussy me, I made a small complaint to the waiter there.

The waiter came over and made a check and told us that the aicon was spolit. I was a bit disturbed by that and didn't really enjoy eating there as I was sweating during our eating.

After eating, I walked over to the cashier counter to make payment and they actually gave me a 10% discount due to the bad service. I would say the restuarant was at least not so bad after giving the discount for compensation.

We decided to go for our dessert at Ice3 . When we reached there, we ordered a rum and rasin icecream dessert and we like it very much. The rasins was really soaked in alcohol, cause when i bite on the rasin, I can feel the alcohol so strong coming out.

See the tempting picture of the icecream we shared below... So yummy!