Come lets do our part for CHAIRITY!!!

‘Chairity – Arts & Design Against Cancer’ organized by BackRest and supported by Singapore Cancer Society. It is the first and one-of-a-kind collaborative effort by 30 Singapore-based artists, designers and media personalities who come together to express their interpretation of cancer using the Louis Armchair as a canvas.

Based on the theme of  EmpathySacrificeLove & Support and Dedication , each designer tells his/her own cancer story through an exclusive design. Hence every chair is unique.

The event will showcase the completed chairs from the artists, designers and media personalities for the first time to raise fund for cancer patients.

Being an arts initiative, we would also like to share on homage from local celebrities to pay tribute to art masterpieces centering on ‘Chairs’ as the medium of choice - to share the positive messages against cancer

Check out this!!!

Lets do our part for CHAIRity!

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