SIA Cup 2012 with friends!!!

Thanks Singapore Turf Club for the invites again to the SIA Cup 2012!!!
 I feel honoured to be invited to this event.

It was a spectacular event I must say. Me and my friends had a great time at the event.

We were well fed with buffet & wine!!!

Yummy desserts too!

The opening performances!

The participating jockeys with the SIA girls.

Horse racing begin!!! =)

Regina ( & friend

Karen & friend

Karen (  & friend

Yuhao ( and myself

Me & Zi Yuan

Hong Peng ( & Ziyuan

Yuhao ( & Sheikh Haikel

Karen ( & Anna Belle Francis

President Mr Tony Tan was at the event too!!!

Yuhao, this shot taken by me is nice right!!!

Thanks to Jessie for this photo!!!
Nice "Family" photo right!!!

Looking forward for the next event!!! =)

For more info of Singapore Turf Club, visit



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