New Singapore Horror Movie- Ghost on Air!!!

Hey guys, Just few days back, I was invited to the 
Press Screening of 《靈聼》Ghost on Air, 
starring famous deejay Zhou Chong Qing, Dennis (周崇庆).


Zhong Chong Qing is the male lead in this new Singapore horror movie "Ghost on Air"!
Yes, he is not acting as Aunty Lucy but as Ping Xiao, a Radio DJ in the movie.
I would say his acting is really good in the movie!

I love the plot and the way the movie was captured! 
Good job Director Ding An!

Director: Cheng Ding An
Cast: Dennis Chew, Eunice Olsen, Gan Mei Yan


A Radio DJ driven to desperation, resorts to telling ghost stories on air, but what if the stories were all not fiction?

“Ping Xiao, a two time “Most Popular DJ” award winner, is suddenly robbed of his successful morning show slot. Jealous at seeing a younger DJ taking his place, he forces himself to conquer painful recurring memories of his deceased girlfriend and tells the ghost stories that was written by her on air. With each painful memory he endures, he regains a small step to his superstardom. However, as he is about to claim his reward, he begins to realize that the stories were not works of fiction, and maybe it wasn’t him telling the stories all along…”



 Some of the bloggers had a photo with the director of the movie- Ding An.
He is a humble & friendly guy.

Me & Yuhao ( having a photo with the Director of the movie, Ding An.
Wishing him all the best in this movie sellng and hope to see more movie from him!

Watch the trailer:

Are you prepare for GHOST ON AIR!
The movie will be in Cinema 17.05.2012