Thanks F&N Fruit Tree for inviting me to the Fresh Summer Music Fest!!!

Thanks F&N Fruit Tree Fresh for the invitation to 
Summer Music Fest (夏日音乐趴)!!!

It's really great to see so many local and Taiwanese celebrities at one place!!!
I had a great time enjoying the music with my friends who were there too!!!

Event: Summer Music Fest (夏日音乐趴)
Date: Sunday, 27 May 2012
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Changi City Point Arena @ Level 3
Admission is free.

The artists performing:
Taiwan artists: 倪安东 Anthony Neely, 黃鴻升 (小鬼) Alien Huang (xiao gui) ,  
                         林凡 Freya Lin Fan ,
Singapore artists: Olivia Ong, Ming Bridges, 插班生 The Freshman,

Look at the crowd!!!

MICappella with Dawn Wong sanging the opening song! GREAT START!!!


Opps... I forgot her name...

But she looked so pretty right?

Ming Bridges

插班生 The Freshman

Olivia Ong

She always so beautiful!!!

林凡 Freya Lin Fan

Yuhao was lucky that night, she was picked to go up to take a photo with her.

倪安东 Anthony Neely

His throat was not feeling well that night, but he managed to sing through...
He even made a promise that he owed us one good performance.

Well looking at this you will know who is the big star coming up next!!!

Yes it is the Taiwanese singer- 黃鴻升 (小鬼) Alien Huang (xiao gui)

Recently watched his new movie- Din Tao- Leader of The Parade

It was a very nice and touching movie!
Go watch when it is out in 31 May 2012!!!

After the event, went to the food court with my friend for some chatting.

Well we always love to CAMWHORE!!! 
And how can we not do it!!!
So here are some of the CAMWHORE PHOTO!!!

Nice catching up with you guy!!!
to get updated  on more events and promotion!!!