Even Chicken also want to go to LADY GAGA's concert!!! =p

Say ‘Bom Dia’ to the ‘biggest’ Lady Gaga fan in Singapore! 
Barci, the happening ‘chick’ from Nando’s, could not stay away from the excitement that permeated
the island upon the arrival of pop music’s most unorthodox queen. Decked out in its finest
Gaga feathers, Barci immersed in the sensation with Lady Gaga fans outside the Indoor
Stadium on 28 May, hoping to catch a glimpse of its favourite music star in full glamour!

It took a dedicated designer and two helpers to get Barci into its Lady Gaga outfit, but the
effort was more than worthwhile when Barci transformed into a flashy (and ‘fleshy’) image of
Lady Gaga that even the iconic star herself would be proud of!

Immediately after its transformation, Barci headed to the Indoor Stadium to join in the preconcert
excitement and check out the competition of other fans also decked out in Lady
Gaga-inspired costumes!

Barci was the undisputed star – outside the stadium, at least! Die-hard Lady Gaga fans were
highly amused and delighted by Barci, swamping it with requests for photographs.

To prove its love for Lady Gaga, Barci even showcased his sleek and agile moves dancing
along to Lady Gaga’s most recognisable tunes, eliciting much laughter from the spectators
who crowded around to enjoy the unusual spectacle!

Unfortunately, Barci had one fly in its headdress – it had not been able to get one of the
highly coveted concert tickets. Sympathising with its plight of not having a ticket, the fans
wondered if Barci will be able to fulfill its heart’s desire to watch Lady Gaga live before the
concerts are over…

Little Monsters in Gaga Outfits Get Free Nando’s Flamed Grilled Whole Chicken

To further celebrate Barci’s love for Lady Gaga, Nando’s is rolling out a new promotion that will make Nando’s fans go ‘Gaga’ – literally! From 28 – 31 May, head down to any Nando’s outlet dressed in a Lady Gaga costume personification and enjoy a whole Nando’s chicken on the house ! 

It’s time to pull out the outrageous wigs and flashy dresses – there are
chickens waiting to be given away as long as the Patrao (restaurant manager) decrees that
you qualify!

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for more details!