Great place for a gathering dinner with friends!!!

When you talk about gathering location?
I believed Steamboat Restaurant often pop up in your mind!
And along Liang Seah Street (Bugis area), there are so many steamboat restaurants!!!
So which is the best? I personally tried Xian De Lai and Zhong Hua Steamboat.

And I think Zhong Hua Steamboat is really nice!!! 
Thanks to my friend- Jessie who had planned for this dinner gathering together!

Zhong Hua Steamboat(中华火锅,拉面)
Address: 95 Beach Road 01-01, Singapore, Singapore 189699
Tel: 6337 1655

Opens 10am - 5am Daily 
Monday - Thursday: $18.90++ (Adult)
Friday - Sunday: $19.90++ (Adult)

Subject to 7% GST and only 3% Service Charge.

They have a large variety of ingredients.!!! There is also my favourite Golden Needles Mushrooms too!

There are also cooked dumplings too!!!

The fishballs section!!!

Seafood section!!! There are prawns, scallops, crabs etc, cuttlefish was also available to give your soup a more special oceanic flavour!

Fried chicken and dumplings!

Many sauces to choose from too!!!
I personally like Sesame oil mixed with garlic!

Free Flow drinks too!!! Beside the soft drinks, you can also try the water chestnut and lime juice which are nice too!

Seaweed chicken is my favourite too!

The meat were fresh too!

Seafood!!! Yummy!!!

The mushrooms and seaweed!


Fresh prawns! My friend, Hongpeng can really eat a lot!

We tried the Special soup and the Sichuan Mala!

and the Laksa! The Laksa is my favourite!!! 
Add Tau Pok in very yummy!!! 
You should give it a try!!!

You can make you own Laksa using the Laksa Soup base! It really nice!!!

Me and my friends had a pleasant eating experience at Zhong Hua Steamboat on a Monday evening!!!
Each of us pay only $20.80 (Including GST & Service Charge) for our dinner.
I will definely go back to this place again!!! =)

What are some of the good things about this place?
-Easy accessible. Just walk from Bugis Mrt about 5 min walk.
- Free flow drinks (Soft drinks, water chestnut and Lime juice
- Free flow of tissue on the table (For me I sweat easily when I eay spicy food so this is good for me.)
- Great variety of food to choose from
- Cooked dumplings and fried noodles ready to eat


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  3. You forgot to mention the inconvenience of going to the toilet in this restaurant. Its terrible. So this review is rather incomplete.