City Harvest Pastor Kong Hee ARRESTED!!!

OMG!!! Have you guys read the news that City Harvest Pastor Kong Hee and 4 members have been arrested for alleged criminal breach of trust and for falsifying church accounts. They allegedly misused $24 mil of church funds for Sun Ho's music career under the pretext of investments in bonds. Ho, who is Kong Hee's wife, is a singer based in the US.

Sun Ho has not been arrested but is suspended from her position as an Executive Member of the Church.

I believe that is what may happened when you have too much money in hand.

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  1. I had posted a similar blog as well, but my view is more balance.

    I urge readers to think more, and give some thoughts about the whole thing about giving negative labels and such.

    One man is wrong, but the religion and community is not with him.

  2. He has not been proved guilty. We actually know nothing about him. If the members of his church agree with whatever he does with the money, we couldn't say anything.