WHAT!!! You do that to thank your photographer?!?

Why are the male models holding paper with "Haruehun Airry" on it?
It's a new way to thank the photographer for his photography work?

Below here you will see some model from 
Korea and Singapore holding paper with "Haruehun Airry" name on it.

Wondering who is "Haruehun Airry"? (Scroll down to find out)

That's Singaporean- Jason Chee.
He is a personal trainer, fitness model and a gym owner.

And presenting you the photographer which the models honoured.

Haruehun Airry Noppawan (born September 6, 1986), better known by Haruehun Airry, is a Thai photographer living in Bangkok, Thailand.

Seen some of his work on his facebook and impressed with his photography skill.
He even had a fanpage with 35k fans. No doubt why the model love him too!!!

Read more about him:

Check out some of the artistic nude shots taken by him:



  1. some thank him, but some are trying to catch his attention so he would shot them