NASI LEMAK cooking at HOME!!!

This morning went to the NTUC supermarket and grab all this ingredients for cooking Nasi Lemak!

5-6 pax serving: 
2.5 glass of rice, 1 packet/ half glass of Coconut Cream (200ml), 2 glass of water. 2 teaspoon of salt and some pandan leaves.

How to cook the Nasi Lemak Rice?
It is really easy!!!
Just like cooking normal rice in a rice cooker, 
pour in 1 packet / half glass of coconut milk, 
2 glass of water and 2 teaspoon of salt  .
Stir together with the rice then leave it to cook.

Note: Just remember, if you are cooking 3 glass of rice, add 3 glass of water ( 2.5 glass Water + half glass Coconut Milk) to it.

I did not use the normal fish but instead used the fried fish fillet.

Chopped some Japanese Cucumber! They are more crunchy and taste better!

Fried 5 eggs with some salt, sesame oil and pepper

Woo... my NASI LEMAK is READY!!!

See that's my home-cook NASI LEMAK with Kimchi!!