World’s Thinnest and Lightest 13.3-inch Fujitsu LIFEBOOK!!!

Thanks Fujitsu for inviting me to the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Series 2012 Media Launch Event!!!
The event showcased  the new Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Series.

I was impressed by the World’s Thinnest and Lightest 13.3-inch Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH772.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Series 2012 media launch event

When:   Tuesday, 5th June 2012
Where:  Kuriya Penthouse
 #12-02 Orchard Central
 181 Orchard Road

Fujitsu Launches the World's Thinnest(1) 14-inch UltrabookTM in its Brand New LIFEBOOK U Series Family

The LIFEBOOK U772 personifies ‘Made in Japan’ utmost quality with sophisticated security features, while the LIFEBOOK UH572 is the flawless combination of performance and mobility.

The LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook – Cutting-edge. Razor thin. Totally secure
The LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook™

The world’s thinnest, premium LIFEBOOK U772 is amazingly thin at 15.6mm and 1.45kg light, providing unrivalled mobility and a no-compromise performance for the professionals on the go. Enjoy vivid, clear video-conference meetings on the 14-inch SuperFine, High Definition LED Backlit display, delivered by the Intel® HD 4000 Graphics with the latest DirectX 11 support.

The Made in Japan Ultrabook™ packs unsurpassed security technologies in a small footprint and impresses with the critical Intel® vPro™ Processor, BIOS Lock, Hard Disk Lock and Anti-theft Lock Slot for improved manageability and maximum protection. Transmit sensitive data with total peace of mind with the optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on your Ultrabook™ that lets you encrypt any information you desire. The built-in Finger Print Sensor also provides added security and convenience for accessing your emails and classified documents. The anti-glare display option is available to provide a secured view of confidential information on the Ultrabooks™. The Absolute® Data Protect technology allows a remote erase of important files and the HDD on any lost and stolen U772.

Get unprecedented fast speed data transfer and connectivity with the embedded 4G/LTE or 3.5G/UMTS module option on the LIFEBOOK U772, which also comes with 2 built-in USB3.0 ports and the Anytime USB Charge feature for continuous charging on peripherals even when the Ultrabook™ is turned off. Attain greater flexibility and productivity by connecting to multiple devices simultaneously with the Port Replicator option, ideal for the office environment and extended performance with the long-lasting 7hrs 20 mins battery life.

The LIFEBOOK U772 boasts an exquisite craftsmanship without excessive embellishment in colour options of classy Red and Silver. Uniquely designed with folded edges for solidity and an aluminum edge to achieve unmatched sleekness, the magnesium chassis keeps the U772 slim and lightweight, while offering impressive ruggedness that’s capable of withstanding the hits and knocks of mobile use. The narrow LCD Frame makes for a comfortable viewing experience which also realises a slimmer and beautiful profile.
The magnificent marriage of all these power, security, mobility and beauty makes the Made in Japan, LIFEBOOK U772 a truly desirable companion of untainted prestige and sophistication.

The LIFEBOOK UH572 Ultrabook™ - Ultra-portable. Stylishly thin. Affordable performance.
The LIFEBOOK UH572 Ultrabook™

Inspired by the Fujitsu 2012 Takumi design philosophy, the LIFEBOOK UH572 is the affordable performance Ultrabook™ that is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle quite effortless by cleverly combining smart technologies with long battery life, 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors and assuring security features.

Lightweight at 1.6kg, the LIFEBOOK UH572 is housed with the latest game-changing Intel® HD 4000 Graphics to deliver crystal-clear visuals, vibrant colors and smooth high-definition (HD) videos, games and audio playback on the 13.3-inch High Definition SuperFine LCD, coupled with the DTS Boost™ Enhancement sound system.

Showcasing Fujitsu’s innovations and ability to incorporate user-centric features in the LIFEBOOK UH572 is the new Face Sense Utility which intelligent pauses or resumes applications or activities on the Ultrabook™ when human presence is detected with the built-in High Definition camera. Enjoy comfortable and precise typing with the isolated keyboard and configure vertical and horizontal scroll functions with the intelligent Touch Pad.

On top of the existing hard disk storage, the LIFEBOOK UH572 offers an additional 32GB iSSD that is compact with a higher capacity than a normal SSD, and speeds up data accessibility which provides optimal performance. The performance Ultrabook™ comes with high-speed USB and SDXC / MS Duo Card slots to Bluetooth 4.0 and WLAN to give you all the connectivity you will need.

The UH572 is also equipped with enhanced security features such as the BIOS Lock, Hard Disk Lock, Anti-theft Lock Slot and Absolute® Data Protect technology for that additional protection of both the machine and your personal files.

Achieve smart mobility and productivity with the instant-on, ultra low voltage CPU, full PC capability and 5-hour battery life.

The stylishly slim LIFEBOOK UH572 is available in attractive Red and Silver colours, and is perfect for the fashion-forward individual who seeks full PC computing prowess, portability and affordability in an Ultrabook™.

Be Amazed by the World’s Thinnest and Lightest (1) 13.3-inch Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH772 and Marvel at the Latest Technology Flagship S Series LIFEBOOKS

Relish in Divine Portability with the newest LIFEBOOK SH772 and SH572 and derive Smarter Computing with Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK SH792, S792, SH762 and S762.

The LIFEBOOK SH772 and SH572 - Stylishly Slim, Remarkably Light, Absolutely MORE Powerful

 The LIFEBOOK SH772 & SH572 redefines the thin and light experience for 13.3-inch notebooks. Built from a lightweight yet sturdy magnesium alloy chassis, the Made in Japan SH772 measures at 16.6mm at its thinnest and weighs approximately 1.21kg, rendering it the world’s thinnest and lightest LIFEBOOK, ideal for mobile professionals who desire style and perfection at its finest. The SH572 is slim and light with 17.4mm at its thinnest and measures at 1.42kg . In addition, with the elegant Comfort Black soft finishing for SH772 and the stylishly rich colours of Shiny Black, Ebony White, and Garnett Red for the SH572, the ingeniously designed LIFEBOOKS are bound to get you noticed.

Get ahead with improved speed and ultimate efficiency with the latest, high-performance 3rd Generation Intel® Core processors that excel in performance and energy savings. Fitted with the DTS Boost™ sound system for superb audio clarity, users can now watch videos for a longer duration due to the improved battery life. Enjoy up to 14 hours runtime on a standard battery and 19 hours with a modular bay battery option on the SH772 and similarly, the SH572 features a long lasting battery lifespan of 12 hours on a standard battery and up to 16 hours with the modular bay battery option.

Enhance the functionality of the LIFEBOOKS with other modular bay options, such as the bay projector to screen your videos or presentations easily , or choose from the Blu-ray writable drive, Dual Layer DVD Super Multi writer and weight saver, dependent on that moment’s needs.

Showcasing Fujitsu’s unique proprietary technologies, the LIFEBOOK SH772 and SH572 come with the enhanced Anytime USB Charge for continuous charging of more mobile devices even when the LIFEBOOK is turned off. The removable dust filter design keeps the ventilation path clean for maximum cooling efficiency at all times. The Quick Start feature jump starts your LIFEBOOK from stand-by mode in a mere 8 seconds. The Fujitsu Face Sense Utility automatically pause video playback when you step away from your LIFEBOOK. In addition, the SH772 is equipped with a High Definition Camera which is capable of recording high resolution videos and HD video conferencing.

Achieve energy efficiency with Fujitsu’s unique Green technology such as the 0-watt AC adaptor which consumes up to 99% less power compared to standard AC adaptors. The ECO mode and Ambient light sensor allow the LIFEBOOK to adjust its power consumption and LCD backlight to suit the working environment.

Protect your LIFEBOOK SH772 and SH572 with the RF Fingerprint Sensor with the enhanced LED indicator for more accurate and easy authentication and the Fujitsu 3D Shock Sensor which shields the HDD from excessive vibrations and shock.

Featuring the 2012 Takumi design philosophy, the SH772 and SH572 embody exquisite details such as the Zen-like Rounded Profile and dichromatic keyboard for that elevated level of class and style.

Made in Japan LIFEBOOK SH792 and SH762 – Performance and Portability at its Perfection

To fulfil the challenging requirements of the commercial space, the LIFEBOOK S792 and S762 are specially designed to cater to these increasing demands from both the workplace and its users.

While optimising work productivity with the newest 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors and the secondary optional mSATA 32GB SSD drive, the LIFEBOOKS are equipped with the Intel® VProTM technology and a full suite of security features such as the LIFEBOOK Lock, enhanced RF Fingerprint Sensor and the optional Trusted Platform Module and Smart Card to provide optimal safety and IT assets management.

A fine balance of portability and performance - the LIFEBOOK S792 is lightweight at 1.58kg and provides an impressive 11hrs 30mins of battery life while the S762 stands at approximately 1.75kg with a battery usage of up to 10hrs 40mins.
Lower total cost of ownership is achieved by sharing Bay accessories with other LIFEBOOK S792 and S762 via the Fujitsu Modular Bay options. Users can connect to multiple devices such as printers and external hard disks simultaneously with the Port Replicator, which is backwards compatible with its predecessor models such as the LIFEBOOKS S761 and S561.

The LIFEBOOK S792 comes with the 4G/LTE module which allows for a seamless and superior download speed at 100MBps, critical to keep pace with the rapid momentum of the enterprise environment.

Fujitsu Launches the Brand New 2012 Summer LIFEBOOKS and its First 15.6-inch ‘SLIMBOOK’, the LIFEBOOK AH552

Leveraging on the latest 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors, the new range of LIFEBOOKS continue to uphold its pristine quality with a perfect blend of impeccable performance and precision for both consumers and commercial users.

The LIFEBOOK AH552 – Fujitsu’s First Thin and Light ‘SLIMBOOK’

The LIFEBOOK AH552 promises a no compromise in design and performance. The ‘SLIMBOOK’ is equipped with a standard voltage CPU and an optical disk drive for full PC performance. Measuring 20.2mm at its thinnest, the AH552 has a 15.6-inch widescreen for clearer display and comfortable viewing, and is lightweight in its class at 2.2 kg. The slim beauty comes with a premium, anodized hairline cover to appeal to the stylish and fashion-savvy individual who exudes youthful vibrancy and enthusiasm. Affordable in price, the AH552 is well-adorned with the DTS Boost™ sound system for superb audio clarity; a spill-resistant, isolation keyboard and a full key number pad for easy gaming and typing. The ‘SLIMBOOK’ is available in black and a unique colour option of anodized red hairline cover with ruby red palm rest.

The extended 2012 models – LIFEBOOK LH772, LH532 and AH532
Now available with the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, the multimedia powerhouse is exquisitely fitted with the ONKYO® Box Speakers, DTS UltraPC II Plus™ Sound System, a dedicated 2GB NVIDIA® NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology and a 14-inch High Definition SuperFine LCD screen to deliver the most immersive sounds and visual quality. With the luxurious Shiny Black, Urban White, Cosmos Pink colour options and a matching dichromatic keypad, the LH772 exudes an alluring charm that anyone would lust after.

The LIFEBOOK LH532 and Limited Edition LH532 AP – Infusing Elegance and Colours for every Lifestyle

The LIFEBOOK LH532 is minimalist in design, yet exceptional in quality that comes with a touch of class. Adding to its diverse portfolio, the performance LH532 now comes with the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 dual-core processors, and is enhanced by the NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology with embedded 2GB VRAM and the DTS Boost™ Sound Enhancement for superior graphics and audio performance. The innovative Face Sense Utility enables the built-in High Definition camera to detect a user’s presence and intelligently pauses or stops applications on the laptop when users are away. Blossoming in a potpourri of elegant colours, the LIFEBOOK LH532 is available in Shiny Black and Garnet Red with a suede-like textured chassis. Available exclusively in the Asia Pacific region, the LIFEBOOK LH532 AP Edition is fashionably graced in Shiny Black, Ruby Red, Lavender and Matt Black.

The Improved LIFEBOOK AH532 - Your Perfect Multimedia Desktop Alternative

The LIFEBOOK AH532 offers the most compelling visuals, uninterrupted video playbacks and sound quality for a real theatre and gaming sensation. Now equipped with the latest 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 dual-core processors, the AH532 boasts of a 15.6-inch SuperFine High Definition TFT back-light LED wide-screen display that is equipped with the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 620M with Optimus™ technology and DTS Boost™ Sound system. An optional modular bay device gives users the flexibility to fit in a Dual Layer DVD Super Multi Writer and Dual Layer Blu-Ray Writable Drive.

Optimise Office Productivity and Cost Efficiency with the Commercial LIFEBOOKS


The LIFEBOOK E752 and S752 with the new 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology continues to meet the needs of premium business users who require a standard corporate reliability and full security features including the optional Trusted Platform Module, Fujitsu 3D Shock Sensor and Radio-Frequency Fingerprint Sensor, which also eliminates the need for multiple passwords.
A new highlight is the embedded 4G/LTE module(3), which enables the E752 and S752 with the superior data transfer speed capability, essential in the highly networked commercial world nowadays.
Weighing approximately at 2.6kg, the E752 is built with a 15.6-inch Anti-Glare Full High-Definition backlit LED display(4) for great business presentations. The S752 measures at 2.3kg(5) and comes with a 14-inch Anti-Glare High-Definition Backlit LED display.
Both the premium LIFEBOOKS house a spill-resistant keyboard and the modular bay device which users can equip with a selection of optional Bay Battery, Blu-Ray writable drive, Dual Layer DVD Super Multi writer, Weight Saver and a second hard disk drive. Attain greater flexibility and productivity by connecting to multiple devices simultaneously with the Port Replicator option, ideal for the office environment. These generous flexibilities befit organizations who require maximum cost efficiency and highly-customisable notebooks for employees globally.

THE Made-in-Japan LIFEBOOK P702 and P772 – Portability at its Best for the Mobile Professionals

Ideal for the busy professional on-the-go, the latest P702 and P772 are compact but powerful with the new 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. These portable warriors are equipped with the optional Port Replicator that allows easy connection to multiple devices in the office, thus maximising work productivity and convenience.

The LIFEBOOK P702 weighs approximately at 1.48g, and is equipped with a 12.1-inch Anti-Glare backlit LED display, a protective magnesium Matt Black cover, a spill-resistant keyboard, Fujitsu 3D Shock Sensor, Radio-Frequency Fingerprint Sensor and the optional Trusted Platform Module for better security and a complete peace of mind.

Enjoy high speed internet access anytime and anywhere with the integrated 3.5G wireless connectivity, and instant converged communications with the built-in DTS Boost™ sound system, High-Definition camera, microphone and stereo speakers.

The LIFEBOOK P772 is powered by an ultra low voltage CPU - the new 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3667U processor with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology for greater power efficiency and is incontrovertibly the supreme choice in catering to the demanding needs of business professionals for ultra-portability, superb performance and total reliability. Especially catered for frequent business travellers, the LIFEBOOK P772 measures at 1.3kg and is equipped with an impressive 12.1-inch Anti-Glare WXGA backlit LED display.

This stunning portable LIFEBOOK has a battery life-span of up to 10h 30min and embedded UTMS and 4G/LTE module for instant connectivity to your emails and superior file transfers.
Lower total cost of ownership is achieved with the optional Modular Bay. Share optional devices with other compatible LIFEBOOKS and customise them according to your needs, which include the Bay Battery for additional power, the Blu-Ray writable drive, Dual Layer DVD Super Multi writer, Weight Saver, and Bay Projector for that spontaneous business presentation on the move.

The innovative Face Sense Utility enables the built-in High Definition camera to detect a user’s presence and intelligently pauses or stops applications when the user is away.

The Takumi Philosophy (匠)

Ultimate dedication, expertise and experience to create the perfect Fujitsu LIFEBOOK

The new 2012 Fujitsu range of LIFEBOOK is intrinsically designed with the Takumi Philosophy which embodies 4 key elements – the Infinity Mark as a badge of excellence and innovation; the distinctive F-Line Keyboard outline to illustrate our craftsmanship and attention to details; a minimalistic, Zen-like Rounded Profile to signify simplicity and undivided focus on quality; and User-Centric Shared Details in the forms of a perfectly clean and levelled palm rest and a dichromatic, double injection colour isolation keyboard for both visual appeal and comfort, a chrome on/off power button with an illuminated ring and clear indications of the ports on the sides of the keypad for ease of use and a class of sophistication.

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