Hot men, good food and great fun!!!

People always say the quickest way to your man’s heart, is through his stomach!
But what about it's him doing the cooking now???

Most girls finds guys who can cook more sexy & attractive!!!
All girls love to get some pampering, even in the kitchen
Nothing brings people together like a good home cooked meal!

What if I tell you tonight there will be HOT GUYS WHO COOK for you?
I know you will scream right after I say that!!! =p

In DIVA’s latest reality series, Hot Guys Who Cook, you will see 18 gorgeous men from all around Asia dishing out their kitchen tricks to woo the ladies. In every episode the delicious hotties attempt to cook up a storm in the kitchen, bringing candid humour and fun into the making of quick meals as they spill their dating tips and juicy stories.

Who are the hotties?
The hotties are familiar faces in Malaysia, Singapore Hong Kong and The Philippines and amongst them are actors, models, a former F1 driver, a radio host and a DJ.  Hot men, good food and great fun - what else can we ask for?

Just few hours back, I was at the Hot Guys Who Cook Media Launch Party held at The Exchange.

Popular bloggers, Jessie (
& Shuqing ( were at the event too.

Of cause many other magazine (Her World, Cleo, etc) editors and media people were there too.

So who are those hot guys in apron?

They are the hot guys in Hot Guys Who Cook!
From left: Henry Golding, Nat Ho and Paul Foster.

Henry Golding

That's his yummy ROASTED CHICKEN!!!

Next we have Nat Ho

Woo... I love this dish!
 Nat learned this potato salad from his mum!

LASTLY we have Paul Foster

Paul's Chicken Tikka tasted really nice too!
Tender Chicken... =)

A photo with Henry Golding

A photo with Nat Ho

A photo with Paul Foster.

Well to me this show is not only for girls BUT ALSO FOR GUYS TOO!
Guys can watch and pick up some cooking skills to woo the girl they like!

I realised that making a dinner reservation any guys can do it, but cooking for your girl is something different!
This is  because cooking takes time, effort and planning which not all guys can do it.

So by making this special effort tells her she's special to you.
What better way to convey that? You score and if your cooking is great, you score even more points!

Hot Guys Who Cook
Premieres 25 June, Monday @9:00pm/8:00pm THAI-JKT

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