SAFRA Photo Convention

SAFRA Photographic Club had organised the SAFRA Photo Convention on last weekend at SAFRA Mount Faber. SAFRA Photo Convention is held biennially and usually a renowned overseas photographer will be invited to speak on a particular theme.

This year's theme is 'All for Peace', with the aim of highlighting the NSmen’s role in national defense and the upholding of peace, and the internationally acclaimed photojournalist, Adam Ferguson, is invited to share on his photography experience. There will also be an exciting exhibition of his photographs from assignments in Afghanistan and Iraq too.

There is also a line-up of speakers to speak about peace-keeping missions, photography in a area of conflict, etc. Participants can also pick up some photo editing skills at the Adobe’s workshop on how to enhance their photographs with their software. The convention is held in a condusive function room, where participants are seated in round tables.

During the break time, Adam Ferguson went to the exhibition area to interract with participants, where participants are free to ask him for tips and his photography journey and experiences.

The Exhibition Area:

Some of these photos are rather provoking which puts one into self reflection and deep thoughts. Among which, below are some of the photos that have left the deepest impression on me: This photo shows a woman is rushed from the scene of a suicide car bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan on 15 December. The bomb exploded near a hotel in the Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood, home to many embassies and Western aid groups and one of the most heavily guarded areas of the city. This World Press Photo has won Spot News 1st Prize in year 2009.

The pictures show Afghan National Police break fast during Ramadan with their evening Iftar meal, while a soldier from the 504th Military Police Battalion provides security, in the Mehlajat area of Kandahar City, Afghanistan, on Sept. 6, 2010. This is such a contrasting shot, on one hand you see the US soldier all ready for war, while the Afghan Police seems to be in a total relaxed mood.

This photo of the boy seating at the bedside, seems to be in deep thoughts, and I can't help wondering what's in his thoughts.

The Photo Convention is very interesting,  I would encourage SAFRA photography lovers to join the SAFRA Photographic Club as member enjoy a very good rate for such events as shown here.

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