OnlyWilliam awarded $1000 Cash from Domino's Pizza for the 3rd time!!!

Thanks Domino's for presenting the $1000 Cheque to me 
at the Blogger Appreciation Night 2013 held at Scape on 17 Dec 2013!!! 

I'm really happy to have won this Blogger Challenge for the 3rd time, having the top sale for Domino's Pizza through my blog (!!! 

1st time was Sept 2012, read here.
2nd time was Jun 2013, read here.
I'm thankful to Domino's Pizza and also my readers who supported Domino's Pizza too!

This was 1st time Domino's have such a big event to appreciate the blogger's effort for Domino's!!! More than 60 over bloggers and friends were at the event.

Domino's Pizza have always been my favourite Pizza Brand in Singapore and I love sharing good food from Domino's Pizza with my readers and friends on my blog. Thanks Domino's for having us at the event and also I like to wish all the staffs of Domino's Pizza a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You guys did a great job for Domino's Pizza! I really hope to see Domino's Pizza opening more and more stores in Singapore! 

 The Stage
 The Big BBQ Pizza

 Classified Chicken
Prawn Sensation

That is a common thing blogger will do! 
Shine light from handphone to take photo whenever the light are too dim.

 You take this!  I take that... And we had a fun time eating Domino's Pizza together!

Thanks Domino's Pizza for also flashing some of the old photographs!
Bring back the good old memories together! 
Aww.. I'm getting old.... haha...
 Thanks for also flashing my blog on the projector!
The winners for the Blogger Challenge Round 3!
Sorry for the low quality photo...

 More photo with blogger friends.

 Shot 2!

And Shot 3! Just realized I did not change my pose while the rest kept changing!
LOL!!! =p

 (From back row) with Malcom, Ck, Tselyn, Don and Dawn 

 with Jocelyn

 with Meryl

Photo with Fif & Rolida!

Alright! Ending my post here with one of the Latest Domino's Promotion!!!
Yes, have you all try their Cheesy Crust!!!
If not you really need to give it a try!!!

A crust filled with… cheese!!! Hmm... I'm sure having them for your Christmas Parties will be great!!!
 Check them out now !!!



  1. Thank you so much for encouraging me with your comments all the time sorry I am late to come here. Loved the pizza on blog the crust you have done it so well. Glad to join your blog.