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Do you remember seeing these HOT models at Raffles Place or Somerset sometime back? 

A lot of people actually spotted them and took photo with them and harshtag their photo #prizle for a photo contest to win Takashimaya Shopping Vouchers. Congrats to the winners once again!!! =)


So what exactly is

Ok in short, is an Ultimate Contest Platform.

Yes, it's an Ultimate Contest Platform which allow people like me, freebie lovers, contest lovers or people who just want to try their luck to win something. This platform allows you to find the right contest at ease and win attractive prizes, including cool gadgets, luxurious getaways, spa treatments, games, fashionable apparel, jewellery, retail vouchers and even CASH!!!

Click in to see the 15 seconds Intro Video on my Instagram (
about, I believed most of you have seen it already! =)

Here is the 1 minute intro from the Team of  :


What is so good about

1. Find the Right Contest
There are so many contests out there with attractive prizes to be won.
Some people prefer to win cash prizes while some love to win holiday trips, etc... provides platform for you to easily find the right type of contests for you so you never will miss out a chance to win that exciting prize that you deserve. 

You can search for contest under the different Contest Type (Lucky Draw, Photo/Graphic Video, Writing/Idea, Instagram) or Prizes Categories (Cash/Vouchers, Food/Dining, Travel/Holiday, Computer/Tablets, etc). You will never miss out on contests again!

2. Register and be Updated
Registering with has its privileges! You get updated once every weekly with their newletters notifying you of contest that you may be interested in! Plus they cut down the boring form filling to a minimal with understanding that busy people like me hate to fill up forms. Rest assure that your private information will be kept confidential too! They also have a strong anti-spam policy and do not believe in excessive emailing.

3. Legitimate Contests
Well sometime we are all worrying about joining a fake contest and not sure if the Contest Organizer will really give out the prizes at the end of the contest. Now with, they actually release the full list of participants' details to the Contest Organizer after they have chosen and announced the winners. All contests participants will be given the latest updates on a contest that they have participated in. They cannot guarantee that a contest will 100% give out its prizes but they will do try their best to make it happen. 

In cases that the contest does not give out the prizes, you can email to and we will look into the matter. That's so nice! =)

Every Visit Is A Reward-Earning Opportunity! 
The more you engage with Prizle, the more Prizle Points you get! 
You  can accumulate your points to redeem fantastic prizes! YEAH!!!

 You may redeem prizes like Epicenter Voucher, CapitaLand Shopping Voucher,  Kinokuniya voucher, T-Shirt and more.

And for now till 31 Dec 2013, you can redeem a Limited Edition Prizle Pioneer Badge with 5000 points.

More details can be found at

Grow your business in Singapore 
with Contest and Giveaways

For just a basic fee, provides a contest creation engine that allows companies to easily set up their contests. The website's platform even feeds them the statistics and recommendations based on its own data analytics.

For more information on how you can grow your businness, check out today!


Guess afterall, the MINONS are not just crazy over bananas only! =p 
Because anyone can take part in the contest at

I love going on a Yacht!
Have you ever experience it in your life? And don't say I never share with you all!
Here is your chance to win Yacht Charter for 18 people at

I love the BEACH, SUN and SEA!
And I love travelling and if it is for FREE it is even BEST!!! 
Who don't like FREE HOLLIDAY right?
I saw got a contest to win a Banyan Tree One Bedroom Villa Package!
You can try your luck at!

Well here's my logic in taking part in contests!
Got take part got chance to win! 
Never take part, of cause nothing to win la...
The choice is yours, seriously no harm trying your luck and win something!

So go try your luck!!! =)

Anyone can be a winner!!!

Someone said this before, you were born a winner. 
Out of the millions of sperm who raced, YOU were the one that made it! =P

Download the Prizle's Mobile App 

Taking part in contest have never been that easy! =)
I have already downloaded it on my phone! Now with the Prizle's mobile app, I can even take part in contest while waiting for your bus, boring in the train or lying on your bed... 

It is all at your fingertips! =)

Download here:

Here are some of the contests at
 you can take part!!!
So don't wait anymore!!!

Hurry visit 
and try your luck to win something today! =)

Also check out their facebook page
for more updates and happenings!!! 

Wish you all GOOD LUCK 
in wining many PRIZES!!!