Improving life with Smart Technology in LG's products!

Smart Technology Improving Our Day to Day Life.

Don't you wish your household tasks can be accomplished with little or no stress?

Imagine you can sit down comfortably at your living room after returning from your day job and control virtually all the electrical appliances in the room. There are more and more people looking out for  technological devices that have human interface, which can help execute tasks and device that can help reduce costs and risks.

Do you know that the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas known as the largest interactive technology event in the world, where tech companies from around the globe come to showcase their latest products. The key theme this year is how leading companies are continually converging, bringing content and technology together to transform the way we live, work and play. A continual theme for driving innovative technology is the drive to create products which are designed around the behavior and lifestyles of human beings. This movement is to help create more natural user interfaces has powered some of the most revolutionary developments to take shape in consumer electronics. This will definitely improve in our life, making our life good!

In the past, we only see touch screens, voice control and recognition existed in science fiction movies, but now it become ubiquitous in everyday society through the proliferation of smart devices.

Now, with the advent of greater internet connectivity through improvements in wireless technologies and more responsive devices with built-in sensor capabilities, the potential to have technology do more for humankind has never been greater.

 Do you still want to have such big bulky TV at home?

I bet no one will wanna carry such a phone anymore... =p

Smart Technology in LG’s products.

Home Entertainment: SMART TV

At last years 2013 CES, LG made a significant announcement with regard to expanding its Smart Control technologies within its HE products.The news included an overall refinement of the Smart TV control system which connects directly to the internet as well as an innovative reboot of the Magic Remote product for its Smart TV lineup. 

LG Smart Tv- Magic Remote:

LG’s key Smart TV built-in features include Tag On and Second Screen, both of which provide easier content sharing with mobile devices.

Tapping a bundled Tag On sticker with a smartphone compatible with NFC and Miracast technologies will run an app installed on the phone. This wirelessly pulls broadcast programs from the TV and for those with LG’s G Series smartphones, the Tag On feature allows content to be pushed with the Tag On function through a screen mirroring function built into the TV.

The redesigned Magic Remote device adopts enhanced language recognition capabilities that makes executing commands simple, natural, interactive and conversational thus complementing other control options -- voice, gesture, point, and wheel -- to represent a universal remote built around human senses. With the free LG TV Remote app for Android and iOS devices, smartphones and tablets can be used to control LG Smart TVs via a Wi-Fi connection.

LG Smart TV- Tag On:

Another good feature is the newly updated version of the LG's popular Time Machine feature which allows you to record TV programs so that you can rewind, pause, or re-watch your favorite shows. I personally love this feature a lot. Gone are the days where we have to use a video tape recorder to record down tv programs.

LG Smart Tv- Time Machine:

- Internal Recording : Record shows right on the TV's built-in memory card.
- Watch & Record : record a TV show while you watch another channel.
- Live Playback : play, pause, rewind, save and rewatch your favorite shows on an external hard drive.
- Scheduled Recording : reserve a show you can't miss by scheduling a recording in advance.

Mobile Communication: UX and Convergence in G Series

The launch of LG’s new premium G Series mobile devices this year featured innovative UX features that provide consumers with control mechanisms which seamlessly blend with their behavior.

Through extensive research into smartphone usage patterns and customer desires, LG’s continued refinement of its UX and further convergence with advanced natural user forms such as voice commands offers a glimpse into the future of mobile smart control.

 The LG G G2 showcases the possibilities made available through significant enhancements to the UX with powerful and intuitive features such as Answer Me and Guest Mode. Via the convenient Answer Me function, the LG G2 automatically lowers the ringtone and answers incoming calls when the phone is raised to the user’s ear. Guest Mode enables users to protect their privacy by displaying only pre-selected apps when guests access the phone with a secondary unlock pattern.

The LG G Flex also shows how a curvature arc of the LG G Flex is optimized for the average face to deliver improved call and sound volume quality, as well as a more reassuring grip and fits more comfortably in one’s back pocket

LG G G2's feature- Answer Me:

LG G G2's feature- Guest mode:

Don't you want to own a  technological devices that have human interface, which can help you execute tasks and device more efficiently?


"LG’s brand slogan “Life’s Good” conveys a message that we are focus in enriching customers’ lives with our products and services. Over the years we have observed customers’ habits and design products that satisfy and keep up with their lifestyle. The modern and hectic lifestyle has made us more reliant on electronic gadgets, hence LG designed mobile communication products that will not only satisfy customer’s needs while on the move but also the interconnectivity within the gadget eco-system. We have incorporated Smart features within our TV and mobile phones such as NFC Tag On, Smart Share, Miracast and WiDi to harness technology to improve the way our customers can engage with their devices."

Scott Jung, Managing Director, LG Electronics Singapore


 Life's Good with LG! 

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