Which Ramen do you like at Ramen Champion?

Recently went to Ramen Champion at Great World City!
It is their latest outlet in Singapore!

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City #01-22,
Singapore 237994

Daily opening hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm

The other 2 outlets are at Changi Airport T3 and Bugis+.

It was my 1st time to Ramen Champion!

(Existing Ramen Brand)

Chef: Wang Hu Rong

Originating from Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Bishamon Zero maintains the original flavors from Sapporo, Hokkaido – the capital of ramen in Japan. A brand that is represented in Ramen Champion outlets in Singapore and Hong Kong, Bishamon Zero serves up 3 varieties of “must-try” ramen cooked to perfection with a minimum of 7 hours spent daily on making the broth.

China-born Chef Wang Hu Rong brings with him 9 years of experience in ramen making. He was handpicked to undergo intensive training with Mr Koji Tashiro of the Menya Koji Group and to helm the head chef position of Bishamon Zero.

Bishamon Zero's Sapporo Miso Special Ramen $14.80
Slippery and firm with a good elastic spring, the ramen is specially made to a Sapporo recipe that results in very firm curly noodles with a pronounced egg flavour. Bishamon Zero's broth is made up of mainly pork and chicken, together with many other natural ingredients (such as seafood and greens). This flavourful broth is boiled every day and as such, each individual bowl of ramen one gets is assured of freshness.

The pork belly cha shu is boiled in the base broth for 2 hours. It is then cooked in a special home-made cha shu sauce, made from special Tamari Japanese Soy Sauce and many other natural ingredients, for another 3 hours. The tantalising cha shu, which has fully absorbed the the sauce, is then sliced generously to size when served.

Besides the authentic Sapporo ramen, Bishamon Zero also offers 2 varieties of Tokyo-style ramen with light broth – Assari Shoyu Ramen and Special Cha Cha Ramen.

  Bishamon Zero's konomiyaki Gyoza (5 pcs) $5.80 – with bonito flakes

 Bishamon Zero's Mentaiko Gyoza (5 pcs) $5.80

 Bishamon Zero's Tori Karaage $4.80


(Existing Ramen Champion Competitor)

Chef: Yukihiko Sakamoto

Originating from Tokyo.
Chef Sakamoto initially planned to major in French cuisine, but by a stroke of chance and trust, he ventured into the ramen business. After 3 years of starting his first brand, Menya Itto, it was ranked as the number one ramen shop in Tokyo and mentioned in several publications including Asia Best-Ever Dining Awards.
A familiar sight at his outlet in Tokyo would be the ever-winding queue outside his shop. Tonkotsu Itto is Chef Sakamoto’s first outlet outside of Japan and he is confident that his Hakata-style ramen will continue to draw crowds in Singapore.

Tonkotsu Itto's Special Tonkotsu Ramen $ $16.50
Originating from Tokyo but cooking in the style of Hakata ramen, Tonkotsu Itto’s ramen tastes of rich, milky, pork-bone tonkotsu broth with moderately thin, straight, resilient noodles. Prepared in the traditional tonkotsu way where the pork-based soup is cooked for several hours to allow the essence of the pork bone to infuse.


(New Ramen Champion Competitor)

Chef: Toshikazu Yoneda

Originating from Saitama Prefecture in Tokyo.
Within a year of operation, Butaou was awarded Outstanding Ramen Rookie Award at Hong Kong's
The Ultimate Ramen Champion competition, Butaou’s ramen distinguishes itself from other ramens because of the sweetness in their Sukiyaki Ramen. It has a sweet taste profile, which differs from other ramens, which have salty taste profiles.

Butaou's Special Sukiyaki Ramen $16

Originated from Saitama, Butaou’s broth is cooked with pork bones and vegetables over a long period of time to achieve the great taste. Inspired by Sukiyaki, a popular Japanese dish topped with sliced meat (pork or beef) marinated with soy sauce, sugar and sake, instead of the more commonly-used thick cha shu and hard-boiled egg.

The noodles are thin and every bowl is filled with sukiyaki pork, menma (bamboo shoot), leek and slow-boiled egg.

Chef Toshikazu recommends adding spicy sauce or eating the sliced meat with the slow-boiled egg and noodles to enjoy the contrasts in tastes and textures.


(New Ramen Champion Competitor)
Chef: Ryutaro Miyamoto

Originating from Tokyo.
A recipient of 3 awards within 3 years, Miyamoto won the award of 2012 Narita City Most Popular Ramen, was named the first runner up in the awards of--2013 Narita City Most Popular Ramen, and 2012 Gurutto Chiba Most Impressive Ramen.

Miyamoto's Pork and Vegetable Ramen $16

Double-boiled with pork and chicken, every bowl of Miyamoto ramen looks rich but tastes light and is piled with tender pork belly cha shu, cabbage, beansprouts, garlic, served with Ajitama egg and thick, curly noodles.
 Butaou's Spicy Chicken (3 pcs) $5


Together with me for the food tasting was popular blogger- Maybeline Sim who blogged at http://blog.myfatpocket.com/maybelinesim/tag/maybeline-sim/.

We both like Bishamon Zero's Sapporo Miso Special Ramen the most.
The broth is very flavorful and the noodle is medium thickness and very QQ.

Go try it today!


Since it started in 2011, the ULTIMATE RAMEN CHAMPION competition has established itself to be a favourite amongst lovers of Japanese cuisine. Over 18 brands have participated and the spirit of competition has brought about the desire to produce high quality and great-tasting ramen to the delight of ramen lovers everywhere.

Currently one of the largest ramen operations in Singapore, it has served over a million satisfied customers from its 2 outlets at Bugis+ and Changi Airport's Terminal 3. Its newest outlet at Great World City opened on 14 November 2013. Despite its success, Ramen Champion still strives to provide popular food brands to continue to satisfy the cravings of its customers.
Ramen Champion has expanded its operations overseas with 2 outlets in Hong Kong and is in the pipeline to open branches in Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines.