AXN's "Sherlock" TV-Series Marathon at Shaw Lido

Last weekend (23rd Feb 2014), was invited by AXN to the SHERLOCK 13 hour TV-Series Marathon at Shaw Theatres, Lido. This is also Singapore's first TV-series marathon!

Lot of Sherlock's fans were there too! 
We were the first to also catch the first episode of Sherlock Season 3 on the big screen. After watching it, I'm so looking forward for Episode 2 of Season 3!

There were lunch, teabreak plus dinner provided too!

 The itinerary of that day

That's not all! We also get free flow of popcorn and drinks throughout the marathon!!!

Me and Jessie had a great time at the Marathon!!!
Here is a picture with the models who dressed like the character (Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson) in Sherlock.

Broadcast details of the premiere of the third season of Sherlock:

Sherlock Season 3 premieres on 27 February 2014
Airing on Thursdays at 10pm
First and exclusively on AXN (StarHub TV channel 511)
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