Men’s Fashion Tips- Try Layering

Why You Should Layer Clothing for Men?

 Here is my advice for you guys, don't always stick to t-shirt and pant only. You should take your wardrobe to the next level. Try focusing on simple layering. You can combine some of your favourite clothes while showcasing your sense of style. Layering in Singapore may not always be wearing very thick clothes which make people think you are in winter countries. 

Layering is best used for casual occasions too. You should always plan the day before you even start to put on your clothes. Depend on what are the event and choose the right attire. 

The weather is normally quite warm in the afternoon, you can go with a short-sleeved tee/ singlet and a cardigan or a shirt over it, which you can easily remove when if you feel warm. Blazer, vests and scarfs are great ways to add layers to an outfit as well. You can also go along with some accessories to complete a stylish look. 

What is on me:
- Cut and Sew Chambray Shirt from Lee Cooper
- Classic Shoes from Lee Cooper

Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics for your clothes and you can look stylish almost year round. 


About Lee Cooper

“Founded by Morris Cooper in 1908, in Stratford, East London. Lee Cooper is the first jeans company in Europe. From ‘workwear’ and ‘military wear’ to ‘must wear’ the brand continues to develop an international following, continually innovating fashion product design and pioneering in music, from its UK headquarters. Lee Cooper has had a passion for denim design ever since the beginning. Lee Cooper are always on top of trends and technology, but know that genuinely authentic denim doesn’t need to be over designed, over washed and over priced.”