Happy Birthday to BLACK BOX!
I'm happy that BLACK BOX is now 1 year old!

Thanks for inviting me to the party and I had a great time with my friends and meeting new friends.

Beside that, I also gain several product knowledge at the booths from:

Demonstration of Darlie Expert White and other fluoride toothpaste.

Soaking them inside the cup of tea.

The one with Darlie Expert White appeared to be whiter as compared to the other one by other fluroide toothpaste. (As shown below)

So the new Darlie Expert come in 2 type
-Darlie Expert Fresh
-Darlie Expert White

Are you experiencing hairloss problem?
This is L'oreal Hair- EverStrong Thickening Tonic

Tse Lyn ( having her scalp examine...

The following products are for the LADIES!!!
ADORE! I guess the ladies are familiar with this popular Sanitary Napkins brand.
The staff of ADORE was so happy to share the information with me and my female friends.

The staff told me they actually won the the HWB Award from Watson last year.

ADORE だいすき Ultra Slim sanitary napkins & panty liners... 
Providing 18-hours of bacteria protection!!

Check out their facebook:

Founded in 2008, Star Lash is Singapore’s very own local brand of synthetic lashes! Not
 only that, the brand also has other types of eye makeup, including eyeliners, lash glue and even eye makeup remover.

That's Miyo (http://www.miyosonia.blogspot.sgwearing lashes from STARLASH  

We have four products under our wing. 

An acne purifier that stimulates the microcirculation and metabolism of skin, thereby, promoting wound healing and tissue growth for acne scars. 
A skin lightener that aids in lightening freckles and age spots. 

A collagen booster that promotes the production of collagen and re-energize the cellular activity. 

A combination of lightening and collagen booster that helps treat various signs of aging while constraining pigmentation, minimizing sun damage and smooth out fine lines. 

Purchase them at

ARIZMA- fine Jewellry

That's my month- December!

Jacqueline Burchell
They sell Soak Off Gel Polish, Nail Lacquer, Extension Gel, Top Coat, Base Coat, Cuticle Oil and Cuticle Softener.

This is so CUTE!

Check out their website:

Group photo with the popular bloggers- Tselyn, Hp, Vivian, Sheena, Linda and me.

With Melissa

Tse Lyn, Vivian, HP, me and Fedelis (

With Tselyn

Our Giant Size Black Box!!!

Check out my Giant BLACK BOX!!!

There is also a standard size BLACK BOX inside!!!
A box inside a box... LOL!!!

Check out the goodies inside!!!
Thanks BLACK BOX for the surprises!!!

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