Does your cat have Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Blog?

Many celebs enjoy perfecting their respective crafts, they also tend to love their animal friends just as much -- if not more.

And we all know that Lawrence Wong (Actor & Singer) really love his career and his cat- eskybaby. eskybaby is a Munchkin cat which migrated from Australia to Singapore. Why is that so? Lawrence was travelling in Australia few years back when he met the owner of the cat and fell in love with eskybaby. And he decided to buy eskybaby and bring him back Singapore.

His love for eskybaby grew stronger and stronger each day that he even had Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and a Blog account for him. That's so cool! You will be thinking how many Cat owners does that right?

And lucky enough for all his cat-obsessed followers, he frequently posts photos of eskybaby on his facebook & instagram.


Interview with the "Masterboy", Lawrence Wong

Maybe you like to tell us a bit more on why did you love cat?
I am a huge animal lover. I don't love just cats. haha But I do particularly love cats because I feel that there are certain similarities between us. Like cats, I am more of the chill kind of person and I love to laze.

How did the name- esky came about?
Esky is actually the short of of Eskimo, which is the name the breeder gave him before he came to me.

This was esky when he was younger...

We all know that you had esky since 2007 and tell us the most rememorable moment you had with Esky? 
Oh gosh, there are so many. It's hard to just pin point one. I remember fondly of his kitten days, the moment when I brought him home, when he sleeps beside me etc etc..

How to make Esky happy?
He loves loads of attention and patting. Just spend a lot of time with him and he will be happy.

Tell us what inspired you to create an Instagram, YouTube & Blog for Esky?
Haha, well, I took so many photos and videos of esky and I honestly thought they were well taken. (blush) hence I just thought of sharing them with the world.

"Masterboy" so what have you been doing?
I just wrapped up a drama series in Malaysia call "My Twins Lover" where I play a pair of twins and my album will be releasing in Singapore this month, plus I have a drama showing on Singapore channel 5 now call "Zero Calling", every sunday 10pm!

Anything to say to your fans in Singapore? 
Thanks for not forgetting me!


Some fun photo on Lawrence's Instagram:

who does it better?  winks.

boo! 吓到你了吗? 哈哈


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Thank you Lawrence for sharing with us so much about eskybaby! =)