Boost your confidence today and prevent the next breakout with Benzac®!

Benzac®, a leading dermatologist-recommended acne brand today announced the launch of a range of Benzac® cleanser products, targeting different skin types.

Some of the best acne treatment therapies may produce clear skin in some acne sufferers but only exacerbate the problem in individuals with combination skin types. As acne sufferers have different skin conditions ranging from normal, sensitive, oily to combination, the new range of Benzac® cleansers and scrub aim to complement the current Benzac AC® treatment gels by removing impurities from the skin and unblocking pores, leaving your skin nourished and soothed.

“While acne typically first appears in adolescence, it may persist well into adulthood. It is important to understand that acne is a long-term disease. Most people’s acne resolve during their twenties, however, some have symptoms that will persist throughout their lives. It is important to recognize that acne sufferers do have different skin types and need a skincare routine that is appropriate for their skin type, says Dr Hazel Oon, Consultant Dermatologist and Head of the Acne Clinic from the National Skin Centre.

 Many acne sufferers have a tendency to cleanse their skin excessively. Over- cleansing will not only exacerbate existing irritated skin conditions but can also cause redness and leave the skin inflamed.

The Benzac® Cleansers come in liquid and foam formats.
The Research & Development team at Benzac® specially formulated the new Benzac® Daily Facial Cleansers with herbal plant extracts like Calendula and Aloe Vera for effective and gentle cleansing.

Next product- Benzac Facial Scrub.
This is one of my favorite product. This product not only removes impurities and clears the pores. Reduces skin oiliness. It is recommended to use twice a week.

Recommended to be used jointly with Benzac AC® Gels, which contain the active ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide is an antimicrobial that has keratolytic action (unblock pores) and is able to quickly and effectively kill Propionibacterium acnes (P-acnes) bacteria within 48 hours. Unlike antibiotics, bacteria have not been able to become resistant to benzoyl peroxide.

In addition, the Benzac AC® Gel is specifically formulated with Acrylates Copolymer (AC) beads to absorb excess oils (sebum) that can carry bacteria, thus reducing surface sebum and it also releases glycerin, which helps to moisturize dry and irritated skin. The Benzac AC® Gel is available in several different concentrations -2.5%, 5% and 10%.

The suffering caused by acne, whether in the form of persistent blemishes, inflamed pustules and scarring goes more than skin deep. It can affect your quality of life and self-esteem.

Boost your confidence today and prevent the next breakout with Benzac®!


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