Review on Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment at Plaza Singapura

Hi everyone, are you taking care of your hair properly...
Today I just like to share something that I recently learnt and I feel I should tell everyone.

Because our hair is so important to us and it affects how others see us. Having good healthy hair instantly makes you look younger and gorgeous. With hair, you can then have different hairstyles & create unique look that's right for your smoking hot self! Hair is really an important asset to us don't you think so?

We are all living in a big city where our hair is constantly exposed to pollution and harsh chemicals from the hair products we used. Losing hair can be stressful during a time when you're already concerned about your appearance. It will also affect one's self-esteem in front of others too.

For me I’m care about my appearance a lot.
And I’m quite afraid of the Male Pattern Baldness...

And I don’t want to be a bald man... They said prevention is better than cure and I think it is true... So it good to treat at early, before the hair follicles shrink and cause permanent damage.

Do you know that lack of protein in hair follicles can cause hair loss problem? 
This was something I got to know after I went to Jonsson Protein (Plaza Singapura) . Protein actually forms about 91% of our hair structure thus hair protein is essential for hair growth. I believe many of you are unaware that the lack of protein in hair follicles can lead to hair thinning, brittle hair roots, weak and dry hair, increase dandruff and hair loss.

Thanks to the advanced technology we have now, Jonsson Protein have professional solutions for hair loss, advanced equipments and innovative protein treatments to help treat different hair problems with visible results!

This are the 8 targeting hair problems:
• Male Pattern Baldness • Female Pattern Baldness
• Spot Baldness • Chemical-related Hair Loss
• Post-natal Hair Loss • Menopausal Hair Loss
• Dandruff-related Hair Loss • Premature Greying

Jonsson Protein originated from USA. Now you don't have to scratch your head thinking where to seek help for your hair problem anymore because they are the Hair Care Expert™ to help you overcome hair problems effectively. With its unique VE Protein® formula, every hair treatment proves to prevent hair loss and provide a clean scalp in just 1 session.

They are also the first-ever protein hair treatment in Singapore. They are the specialist in hair growth and nourishment using the specially formulated VE-Protein, a kind of protein which can be easily absorbed by the hair follicles.

When I was there for treatment, they also served me a cup of protein drink before the treatment.

 Clean & comfortable seating area.

Hair washing area

They also have private room like this to do treatment for their customer.

Shampooing in progress....
Thanks Yobie for the relaxing head massage!

After shampooing, Yobie massage the customized products with protein to my scalp.

 Then I was asked to sit back and relax for 30minutes with this hi-technology machine.

I was told that this are the benefits of the VE-Protein treatment:
• Cleanses oily scalp & unclogs follicles
• Encourages healthy hair growth
• Strengthens & moisturises from roots to ends
• Restores natural shine
• Improves thickness of hair

At the end of the session, Yobie also did a hair analyse for me to compare the before and after.

I realized my scalp are more clean and less redness.
I really enjoyed the whole treatment.

They have a team of hair specialists and consultants who have gone through extensive training to treat hair problems, expect detailed and comprehensive scalp scan analysis before receiving a customized VE Protein® Hair Care Treatment, suitable for your individual needs.

You can pamper yourself with exclusive one-on-one consultation by their hair specialists and consultants, who are trained professionally to bring out the best results for you.

Have a healthier hair today with with Jonsson Protein today!
Healthy hair make a difference in you!

Promotion for my readers: 

1 Free VE Protein Hair Care Treatment
T&C: For both new male & Female customers aged 18 and above.
Other T&C apply.

List of Outlets in Singapore:
• NEW! Westgate • Plaza Singapura • White Sands

Hotline: 6899 1788 



  1. How much is the price of the treatment that u had there?

  2. My friend mentioned to me your blog, so I thought I’d read it for myself. Very interesting insights, will be back for more!
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  3. Are the scalp pictures of Before and After the SAME for ALL CUSTOMERS?

  4. Are the scalp pictures of Before and After the SAME for ALL CUSTOMERS?

  5. hard selling and con shop! I'm a victim.

  6. hard selling and con shop! I'm a victim.

  7. another sister company of yun nam hair. they are hard sell and pushy. beware!

  8. He is paid to do advertisement for them..1 session. The real customers know their trick! Bastard crook shop!

  9. Finished my trial, was promised that I could cancel my package at no charge in the cooling period. When I returned the next day, I was told to pay an admin fee. At no point did the sales rep tell me that there was a fee. In fact, she even told me that I could do that with no loss, and as such, shouldn’t fear to sign a package.

    The entire experience was immensely unpleasant. The moment the sales rep heard that I wanted to make a cancellation, she became rude and insulting. If you want a refund, be prepared to be shouted at, insulted and treated like an animal. There is a refund policy which they probably didn't tell you about, along with lots of hidden fees. Beware!

  10. This is really insightful, thanks for sharing. Phs Hair Science

  11. Thanks guys! i hv an appointment for tomorrow but i think i must cancle it aftr seeing so bad words

  12. I am so worried after reading this comments. How they force you to sign? How many of them? Can share?

  13. I’ve went for the complimentary treatment today and the hard selling was fuuyoh. They would do anything for money, telling me that I can make money decisions on my own and don’t need my mum’s consent etc. Asking me to put down $10 and if I decided not to take on the $300 for 3 sessions ON THE DAY ITSELF ONLY PACKAGE then I could top up additional money to get things like shampoo and stuff. Basically once you put any amount of down payment, it’s the end for you. I managed to get away with it and still received the complimentary products. Although after 1 wash my dandruff were gone and the results were satisfying but due to the fact that their products contain harmful chemicals from sulfates, perfume to parabens, I’ve decided it is not worth it : /

    1. I have just signed the treatment package and i felt so regret on it. I wanna go back tomorrow to cancel the package that i signed! Anyone could advise on what are the hidden fees that need to pay i cancelled it? As from the comment i saw there are admin fees and hidden fees to be paid if u cancel the package!

  14. hi,any hidden fee to cancel the package?