Concetto by Saveur- Affordable Italian Food

Have you been to Concetto By Saveur?

If you frequent The Cathay for movie, then you will not miss this Italian Restaurant- Concetto By Saveur for sure. It is located next to the 7-eleven store of The Cathay.

This restaurant focus on serving modern Italian cuisine that is doesn't hurt your pocket just like Saveur. Yes Saveur, the popular for affordable French Cuisine.

The place is rather spacious and good for big group gathering.

This is the open concept kitchen. According to the the owner of the restaurant, Mr Dylan Ong, there are about 9-10 local chef working at the restaurant daily.

The restaurant also focus on using fresh ingredient as they prefer not too commercialize and going back to the root.

You may also notice there is a mini garden at the center of the restaurant.

They are not normal plant, they are actually herbs use for cooking at the restaurant. 

Table setting and menu.

Fresh Pasta are created daily as stated on the menu. Fresh Pasta are less dense and absorb better when cooked.

Try the Grilled Optopus which flew all the way from Spain. I like it chewy!

Concetto Salad- There are actually 4 different type of tomatoes inside. Veggies lovers will like this!

Minestrone Soup- Unlike those you normally drink in other restaurant, the stock of the soup is traditionally made from the rind of the Parmesan which gives a light cheesy taste.

The Beef Oyster Blade- This was cooked for 36 hours and it is really unique and tender.

Creamy pork was served with sous vide egg, confit pork, and cream sauce. Remember to mixed well with the egg before you eat them. This is highly recommended!

Crab Risotto- This dish have a very asian flavour and very unique. I like the great contrast in taste. Give it a try!

Duck Tortellini- Very interesting dish! Hand made tortellini stuffed with generous amount of shredded duck and topped with a poached egg.

Guess what dessert is this?
It is actually Tiramisu- not your usual way.
But the taste is really very good! This dessert is good for 2 person.

Ending my post with this very cute mini garden display.

 Weekday lunch sets for just $20.90++ consisting of a 
- Minestrone or Grilled octopus
- Beef Oyster Blade 
- Pistachio Panna Cotta. 

SMU students also have a 10% discount during weekdays from 12-5pm.

Concetto by Saveur

The Cathay, 
2 Handy Road, 01-11/12
Tel: +65 67351141

Opening Hours: 
12:00 – 9.15pm (Sun-Mon), 
12:00 – 9.30pm (Tues-Sat)
Last orders at 9:15pm.